Technical, On-Page SEO For Local Businesses Pt. 1

Technical, On-Page SEO For Local Businesses Pt. 1

Technical, On-Page SEO For Local Businesses Pt. 1 | Blueprint Technical SEO refers to how a business’s website is structured for search engine crawlers to identify and pull content as quickly as possible. More than 50% of SEO success is determined by how well the crawlers can:

  • Recognize the purpose of a website
  • Understand how content is allocated and organized within a website
  • Extrapolate content back to online consumers

Working with a credible Atlanta SEO company that understands how to explain and fulfill technical optimization requirements can propel your business to the top of every major search engine, including Google.

Knowing which technical SEO elements to address gives you more control over your engaging and converting potential customers. Here are the components you need to know.

404 Errors

When you try to access webpages, but are confronted with a message that resembles, “Sorry for the interruption, but it appears that the information you’re interested in doesn’t exist,” this is a 404 error page.

This type of error occurs when a server is not able to locate content or information. 404 errors may appear if a particular landing page has been taken down by a site owner, relocated without using a redirect system, or if you accidentally misspelled the URL you are interested in.

For e-commerce websites, a 404 error often appears when products or services are removed or replaced. These situations offer a poor user experience and can cause significant issues when trying to maximize traffic to your website.

301 Redirects

In order to correct a 404 error, you can use 301 redirects to communicate to search crawlers that your landing pages have been moved to another part of your website.

Redirects help preserve the authority of your company’s content so that you can maintain the same level of online visibility you’re used to. Most online consumers do not realize when a 301 redirect exists, which helps maintain a positive experience with your website.

XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps serve as the blueprint of your business’s website for search engines to use when pulling content. Although search crawlers can navigate through any website without guidance, XML Sitemaps are excellent for:

  • Helping search crawlers immediately understand the focus of your website
  • Clarifying categories of content and specifying their locations
  • Highlighting which pages on your website are most important for online consumers
  • Letting search crawlers know how often they should index your website

Since search engines are interested in locating and pulling content as quickly as possible, websites that do not have XML Sitemaps are often lost among their competitors.

Work with Experts Technical Optimization and Immediate Organic Results

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