SEO Content That Maximizes Qualified Traffic

SEO Content That Maximizes Qualified Traffic

SEO Content That Maximizes Qualified Traffic | Blueprint When it comes to creating SEO content that drives traffic to your website, it’s important to understand the two audiences you are serving: search engines and consumers.

Ten years ago, SEO success largely revolved around achieving top keyword rankings in Google to attract online consumers to a website. Today, there are far more channels consumers use to find information, products, and services – allowing small business owners to drive traffic to their websites by aligning with their target audience’s intentions.

Read these tips for creating optimized content and consider contacting an Atlanta SEO company for your SEO needs.

Start with Your Keywords

The first thing you should do when trying to create SEO-friendly content is to carefully choose which keywords will be incorporated into content. Writing for online consumers and search engines has equal weight, especially if your business is not considered to be an educational resource.

When creating optimized content:

  • Include your target keyword in the title, copy, and metadata of each article
  • Choose one target keyword for each article and provide variations throughout the body to boost authority/visibility
  • Don’t keyword “stuff”– try to maintain a balance where 10% to 15% of your text comprises of your primary keyword with variations

Appease Both Search Engines and Consumers

It’s important that the headlines and titles of your content are enticing to search engines and consumers alike. In today’s SEO landscape, titles are the leading driver of organic rankings. It’s all based on how consumers search, regardless of what type of device they use.

Break Up Your Text

It’s important to create content that is easy to crawl for search engines and digest for consumers. Unlike traditional essays or articles that build paragraphs with three to five sentences, SEO content should use:

  • No more than three sentences per paragraph
  • Sub-headings that break up each concept or point
  • Call-out boxes that emphasis key information, such as statistics or value
  • Bullet points when referring to features or multiple references (like this paragraph)
  • Numbered lists when explaining priorities or value

Work with SEO Experts

There is an extensive list of SEO factors that need to be carefully considered and implemented when developing content that drives qualified traffic and conversions to your business’s website. Although these tips serve as a practical launching point for content development, they are just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve been working in the SEO space for over a decade and have mastered techniques to drive more traffic to your site. We pride ourselves on improving our client’s ranking on search engine results pages in just three months. Contact the SEO experts at Blueprint to learn more about how we create compelling content that successfully ranks within search engines and drives revenue.

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