Photoshop Streams on Chrome

Photoshop Streams on Chrome

Photoshop on Chromebook | Blueprint

Google Chrome is partnering with Adobe to introduce streaming Photoshop Creative Cloud on the web. It allows people with slower computers to handle the technical requirements of Photoshop on the Chrome browser, opening the program to more designers than ever before.

Photoshop on a Chromebook

Google Chrome is becoming more popular everyday, with a lot of help from their laptop the Chromebook. These are cheap, lightweight and easy to use, allowing people to save and access files through Google Drive. Schools all over the country have adopted them in the classroom. Now, students are the first to test Adobe’s streaming photo editing, officially launched as Project Photoshop Streaming.

Project Photoshop Streaming

Now available across North America, Project Photoshop Streaming is only available for Education Creative Cloud memberships, and it can only be streamed on Windows Google Chrome browsers or Chromebooks.

There is no installation required; it is downloaded as an app through the Chrome store.

The best part is that all photoshop files are saved through the cloud on Google Drive – there’s no downloading and uploading of files, just save them! Adobe has said that Creative Cloud support is on the way, and now Google Drive support is free.

This makes it very convenient for schools and businesses, as it provides access to a student’s files anywhere. No more lugging around external hard drives, USBs or heavy laptops. And no need for a powerful computer that can handle the leading photo editing software.

It Has Its Limits

While this may seem like the next best thing in digital arts access, there are still limitations. The current offering is still in testing, and it isn’t capable of 3D imaging as is the full onboard program. This option is so far suited best for students, who would otherwise have no access to the program.

Is Streaming Online The Future of Photo Editing Software?

Photoshop Keyboard | BlueprintAdobe Creative Cloud takes up a lot of room on a computer. Even large desktop PC’s with plenty of storage will come across many problems when the Adobe Creative Cloud is downloaded.

Streaming Adobe Creative Cloud online makes the user experience much better and may truly help people who want to work on a project somewhere other than in the office or the classroom.

By: Caroline Ripa
  • Samantha Torres

    Wow! What a great way to give students more access to the tools they’ll use in their career. And a smart move by Adobe to make sure they remain king as compared to other editing programs.

  • Joshua Bains

    Here’s another glimpse into the future of computing – when fast internet is used to stream high performance software to computers than couldn’t normally handle the applications. On a grand scale, this model could put cheap computers into the hands of many while still bringing them high threshold programs.

    It’s a further democratizing of the web, and the most obvious payoff is currently in the classroom. That being said, I don’t believe putting computers into every child’s hand is a ticket to global transcendence. We still need parents and teachers to love and educate our kids.

    You can’t stream that.

  • I can’t wait for this to happen! $200 thin clients will radically change the workplace, especially for design driven businesses. As soon as apps like Photoshop are available, this will be very possible 🙂

  • Rebekah Faucette

    Not only is it an excellent move on behalf of Adobe to remain king of editing, it could also be a strike against the designer dependence on Apple products. Moving this streaming feature to more budget-friendly devices opens up a full world of possibilities for those that might not be able to shell out nearly a grand for a computer but could afford a Chromebook.

  • John

    Awesome article, Caroline! I think the most interesting thing about this is adobe and google’s partnership. Software streaming has been around for some time (for 3D programs it’s been especially cool to see, as those programs are typically cpu intensive), but this is the first time I’ve heard of a partnership. I’m excited to see how this develops!

  • Adam Baxter

    Very neat to see happening. As internet capabilities get faster and more efficient, I can easily see this becoming the future for all types of editing.

  • Chuniq Inpower

    I think this is great. Photoshop software is far too expensive for the average user so even with its current limitations, this would be a fair introduction for novice users to get to know the program before making the major purchase. Most people just need to make simple edits and adjustments, not 3D imaging 🙂 Also, many people are using their mobile phone apps for photo editing, so its about time for Photoshop to jump back into the scene with something more portable and accessible.

  • Naima

    It is good to know that people can now access photo editing software on the go. This will increase productivity in the workforce, especially designing companies. Great article Caroline!