How to Incorporate User Generated Content in Your Next Video to Reach Millennials

How to Incorporate User Generated Content in Your Next Video to Reach Millennials

Atlanta Video Production Play Video on Tablet | BlueprintOver the past decade, video content has taken over when it comes to businesses being able to connect with new, younger audiences and Millennials alike.

Videos stimulate particular senses that allow businesses to create meaningful relationships and evoke consumer reaction.

Although the format and messaging of each video campaign are tailored to satisfy specific niche interests, videos are a powerful tool for providing entertainment, information, and for resolving common dilemmas.

Video Content Boosts Awareness and Engagement

When working with an experienced Atlanta video production company, businesses can enjoy a nice boost to their brand awareness and engagement.

But, what entices Millennials to trust your brand enough to click “play” or to not skip through your paid ad?

Unlike other generations, Millennials have grown up with the Internet and are quick to avoid content that seems to be sales-oriented or self-fulfilling.

Create User-Generated Video Content for Millennial Consumers

Here are some ways that user-generated videos can position your business as a unique, attractive voice that does not provide a direct agenda or ulterior motive.

Track Language and User Behavior

Experienced Atlanta video production companies like Blueprint have access to tools that allow you to track and understand the language used by your online target audience.

This information allows you to create video content around such keywords, which helps you attract more relevant visitors to your branded channel and/or website.

Tools like Mention provide precise analytics that tell you which videos are attracting the most shares, what kinds of comments are resonating with like-minded audiences, and how your content compares to your competitors.

Ask for Audience Input or Create Contests

If you are interested in generating significant user-engagement with Millennials, there is no better way to do so than by asking for their direct input or by creating a contest.

Social media and user-generated videos are excellent for getting your target audience to share your branded content with other like-minded consumers.

Depending on what your business specializes in or the types of concepts it relates to, you can easily create a contest that asks Millennials to submit videos to your branded channel or website. If you are a local restaurant, host a contest that sees your intended audience submit videos of them cooking new potential recipes for your menu.

Create a branded hashtag that connects all of the videos that are submitted and choose a winner based on which one receives the most likes, shares, comments, or views.

Create a Cycle of New Millennial Customers with User-generated Video Content

When your business promotes something as hip and meaningful, the message may or may not be received, regardless of how creative your advertisement is.

But when you can get a member of your target audience to say, “Wow, check out this awesome service I just found,” their peers are much more likely to listen.

In fact, a whopping 84 percent of millennial consumers reported that UGC has an influence on what they buy.

You can capitalize on this trend by calling the experienced video production strategists at Blueprint to learn more about our approach to creating compelling content that drives conversions.

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