We're Growing – Meet Our Newest Team Members

We're Growing – Meet Our Newest Team Members

Blueprint was created to fill the ever increasing need for an agency that can do it all, blending SEO, web design, social media and content creation together into a full package.

Business Growth at Blueprint | BlueprintWithin the past year, Blueprint has continued to grow and evolve in order to stay on the cutting edge, and as we have grown, our team has expanded to include even more of the best and brightest talents in our blended industries.

Emily Fogarty and Keriann O’Conner are two of the newest members of our team, so I ventured to learn more about their roles at Blueprint and their thoughts about the joys and challenges of what they do.

VV: Can you tell me a little bit about your role at Blueprint?

KO: At Blueprint, I am a entry level videographer, so I assist in any video projects that are going on. Specifically, this means that I help out in all aspects of a production, from the filming of clients’ videos to the editing of the piece.

EF: My official title is Social Media Specialist. By implementing customized campaigns for each platform, I focus in on what works the best for the client in terms of engagement, gaining new followers and retaining their attention. Meaningful and creative content that people come back for is key. People are on social media to be social, therefore, I create conversations and increase visibility for a client’s brand through their social networks.

VV: What do you find most interesting about your job?

EF: The amount of knowledge I have gained in such a short amount of time is outrageous and not what I was expecting. There has not been a day since I started that I have not learned something, which is ideal in a new job or one you’ve had for years. If you are not learning, you are not growing. I came into this position with a fair amount of knowledge about social media and the best practices, but there is so much more I had no idea I was so green about. I really love to dive in and get my hands dirty from the beginning of any new situation, and this job has been nothing but that as of yet. The world of social media is ever changing, which is what makes it so exciting.

KO: What I find interesting about my job is that there is so much you can do with it. What I mean by this is that there are so many ways that a video can be done depending on a client’s needs and how to tell that story. I love the fact that it is a puzzle in a way, in that you have to configure each piece in order to make a compelling point while keeping the viewers’ attention.

VV: What advice would you give someone looking to know more about your industry, or your role within the industry?

KO: For anyone that is interested in production, I would advise them to continue to practice and enhance their skills. I think what is great about video is that while the theories remain the same, the implementation continues to evolve and a lot more things can be done, especially in the online world that we live in, where just about every website, if not all, have some sort of video amongst its content.

EF: The greatest piece of advice I could give is to not be afraid to ask questions. Like I said before, this industry changes daily, so there will always be something you do not know or understand. Research is key as well. I would suggest finding a couple of social media blogs, I really enjoy Social Media Examiner and Buffer, and spend some time reading articles. There are tons to choose from, so just start with the ones that catch your attention. Take lots of notes and go back through them once you’ve read a couple articles. That way you can really process the information you just acquired.

As Blueprint continues to grow, keep an eye out for more team member highlights!

By: Victoria Vener
  • Jeff Cline

    Keriann and Emily – Glad to have you both on board! The last question and your answers were insightful advise. With a constantly changing digital world thing move and change quickly. Keeping up with those changes can be an ever ongoing education for all of us. I’ve been a big fan of Google Alerts for the last few years to keep me up to date.

  • Aaron Ward

    “If you are not learning, you are not growing.” Well said. Welcome to the team and keep pushing the boundaries of digital marketing. Great job.

  • Soletia Owens

    Great answers on these questions ladies. When I came to Blueprint I knew some digital marketing.With Blueprint you get to know so much in such a short amount of time, but it’s so worth it. I am so glad for the opportunity to intern with a great company and to be working with you fabulous ladies! Including you Victoria 🙂

  • Chuniq Inpower

    So happy to have you both on the team! Welcome! Any place you can earn a living and LEARN is a great place to be! Go team!

  • Joshua Bains

    Reading about media is really important. As an astute member of generation Y, I still however think that books are essential. We read them differently than we do articles online – often with more intensity. The way to develop real skills and knowledge is with systems of thought – this is best attained not piecemeal, but in whole chunks, as you find in books.

  • Fantastic to get to know the growing Blueprint team through this post. It’s also great to see how Blueprint is adding to its expertise in two key areas – video and social media. Thanks.

  • While we may all be in our various lanes–content, SEO, PPC, Social, Web, Video, Design–the road is headed in the right direction. Happy you two are on this journey with us!

  • John

    This is awesome!

  • Patrick Price