Blueprint Is In Fact, The Best Atlanta SEO Company For Retention and Results

Blueprint Is In Fact, The Best Atlanta SEO Company For Retention and Results

Bold title? Perhaps.

But, such statements are only bold or profound if unmerited, or provided without support, evidence and justification.

Best Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta | Blueprint

At Blueprint, we are in fact, the best digital marketing agency in the greater Atlanta region because of three specific reasons:

  • Annual client retention
  • Client results dedicated to qualified traffic and transactional conversions
  • Communication

As any with great debate or argument, a substantial level of detail and evidence is necessary in order to justify a particular point or concept.

Let’s begin…

1. Client Retention

Listening to marketing companies brag about their client retention is actually pretty common.

If you were to search for “SEO Companies” in Atlanta, you would certainly find particular meta descriptions that boast 90+ percent retention rates. This particular offering sets up the notion that such companies must offer exquisite services, otherwise, how are they able to maintain their clients year over year?

Well, the short answer is that statistics can always be manipulated to meet and justify the demands of a particular context.

You have to consider that:

  • Most digital marketing companies/agencies in Atlanta are considered to be small to medium sized, ranging from one-man freelancers to companies that employ 5 – 15 people.

Because most Atlanta agencies are so small, they are not equipped with the resources and ability to serve a long list of clients dedicated to multiple verticals. With this, you have to consider that when such companies brag about 90+ percent retention rates, they are really saying how well they serve their list of 5 to 10 clients.

In relation to the size of such companies, you have to understand that they are set up to be able to capture the attention of business owners who are either just starting out in digital marketing or do not have an adequate budget.

Because of their limited resources, the level of difficulty dedicated to maintaining accounts that spend less than $750 per month drops significantly, as smaller agencies are able to accommodate a plethora of needs for a small cost, where as experienced agencies such as Blueprint, have to set a bottom line on services vs. costs associated.

Basically, if you are bragging about a 96% retention rate when you only serve a handful of clients that cannot afford to go elsewhere, how much of that retention is based on circumstances opposed to services that actually drive revenue.

The Blueprint Difference

As the Director of Organic Search & Strategy, I am heavily involved with managing my department, setting various systems and processes in place dedicated to services and account management, as well as spearheading most inbound leads.

In an industry that is plagued with inexperienced, self-starters who promise the world, but under deliver, I understand how concerning a 6-12 month contractual commitment can be; especially to business owners who have already been burned by one or more agencies in the past.

With this in mind, we operate with a month-to-month agreement with all of our clients, which means that our services have to drive actual revenue, not just traffic, in order to keep them.

Since taking over account management and sales last summer, we have only lost one client in the last 11 months, of the 60 plus domains that we manage.

2. Client Results

While we have the resources of a premier, large agency, we are built to serve local businesses and brands who often dedicate their entire marketing budget to us. Because of this, they depend on a true financial return on their investment.

Here’s something you don’t hear too often: You as a business owner do not survive on traffic; bounce rates, or even rankings. You are able to continue to run your business because of ongoing revenue.

The Blueprint Difference:

The teams at Blueprint are built to attract qualified traffic based on a plethora of resources, audits and tools that we have, which allow us to understand granular details about the behavior, expectations, and motivations of any vertical’s target audience.

We do not just recommend blogging for the sake of adding content to someone’s website, we offer precise recommendations that show you, with evidence, why a particular form (blog articles, videos, infographics, before & after scenes, etc.) is most appropriate for soliciting the highest levels of engagement and conversions.

Because we understand how to directly align with the precise expectations of our clients’ target audience, we are able to command a true average of a 40% increase in qualified traffic within the first four months of our partnerships. Of this 40%, we are able to convert 30% into paying customers.

All of this is verified through conversion tracking set up in each client’s analytics, as well as through phone tracking systems that let everyone know just how many phone calls came from organic, PPC, social media and other digital marketing channels.

While other’s brag about increasing traffic by 70% in three months (impossible to do unless you are working with a brand new website and therefore, 70% really means you went from 10 visitors to 17), people like Samantha, Elizabeth and Joshua are responsible for bringing you the most important aspect of any traffic growth, paying customers.

3. Communication

After working within the world of digital marketing for eight years, having managed campaigns all over the country at multiple agencies, I understand that there is a clear disconnect between most search marketing companies and their clients in the form of communication.

To most agencies, the idea is that, “If we are talking on the phone, then we aren’t working, so let’s never talk unless we want to try and up-sell you on some new service.”

To clients, regardless of size, reach or stature, this is unacceptable.

Clients demand and depend on frequent, proactive communication dedicated to the status of their campaign(s), services executed, results, and next steps.

Unfortunately, clients are typically either exposed to the scenario outlined above or they are connected to some inexperienced account manager who doesn’t know how to effectively manage a campaign and articulate their work in ways that are easily recognized and understood.

The Blueprint Difference:

Our Organic Search Managers have years of experience managing marketing accounts for numerous verticals and are responsible for providing a series of updates that take on multiple forms. These forms include:

  • Check-in phone calls each and every Monday to offer updates, next steps and address/resolve any particular question a client may have.
  • Each and every phone call is always followed up with a summary email outlining the conversation’s main points, followed by a bulleted list of next steps that manage expectations and keep clients informed on what’s going on at all times.
  • Monthly custom reporting that’s included in every single partnership, regardless of how much one spends with us. These reports cover progress dedicated to month over month, quarter over quarter, and year over year perspectives; giving clients a complete understanding of how well we are performing together.

Each and every report is supported with an actual presentation/conversation so that each client is completely aware of all happenings and have the opportunity to engage in a conversation over services executed and next steps.

Our clients never receive anything automated and are never left in the dark with what’s going on, regardless of how trivial a particular tactic or direction might seem.

Work With The Best SEO Company In Atlanta

From client retention, the type of financial rewards our services provide and the level of communication and transparency we offer each and every client, Blueprint is in fact the best medium sized digital marketing agency in Atlanta.

If these reasons don’t make you a believer, just give me a call and I will prove it to you.

By: Jason Corrigan
  • Samantha Torres

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love working at Blueprint!

  • Joshua Bains

    We can all learn from this post that blogs don’t only have to focus on information, stories and PR. They can also be used for direct marketing and to build sales with potent messages, just like this comment. (Yes, comments can sell too!)

  • Aaron Ward

    Blueprint is the only full service agency in Atlanta. At Blueprint, we don’t just drive traffic to your website. Instead, we create content and supporting assets to make your business “eclipse” the competition. Great post.

  • Patrick Price

    I truly think I’ve joined a team that is on the path to excellence. When you think about a company that’s eight years into its life, you would never imagine the success of what Blueprint is producing now. It’s not just about SEO but about content created and web design for our clients. All of these puzzle pieces create the perfect picture when it comes to the success of our clients!

  • Elizabeth Weaver

    I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the Blueprint team. It really is inspiring to work alongside teammates that work to make a difference in the lives of our clients. I’ve learned from Jason how fun our campaigns’ reporting periods can be because they provide us with a chance to show our customers the positive differences we’re able to influence. I couldn’t agree more, the Blueprint Difference = THE BEST!

    Thanks for sharing, Jason! Super motivating.

  • Transparency is an extremely valuable asset that is short supply these days. This post is very helpful for businesses of all sizes that are looking to grow their customer base using sound strategies and proven tactics. Blueprint’s results-based approach and deep bench of talent are key reasons why the company has such a high client retention rate.

  • Victoria Vener

    I can honestly say that working with the team here at Blueprint has been incredibly rewarding. The way everyone works incredibly well together and the quality of service this company consistently delivers to its clients makes me extremely proud to be a member of the Blueprint team.

  • Adam Baxter

    As always, Jason, your ability to clearly communicate the evidences of Blueprint’s awesomeness is awesome.

    The thing I love about Blueprint is this dedication to our clients entire company. We never do the bare minimum. ever. We always strive to do whatever we can to grow other businesses, even if it means building an entire brand, offering creative services, web development, etc etc. Almost every client has worked with every department in our company. Its awesome.

  • Erin Li

    It is sad that some of the companies don’t know how to communicate with their clients when they are hired to communicate with the clients’ customers. At Blueprint, we never have such problems since we have people that are communication masters armed with great tools. So proud to be part of the Blueprint team!

  • Soletia Owens

    Great article. Definitely a nice touch on the comparison of Blueprint to other companies. Let future clients know what they can expect when they work with Blueprint. All round great article!

  • Jeff Cline

    And the last statement is best. Having been in the industry I know just how great the team here at Blueprint is, but I totally encourage anyone to come and see for themselves the difference.

  • Naima

    Blueprint is the best because of the strong leadership, dedicated team and great working environment. Communication is one of my favorite thing. Our clients not only know about the strategies implemented, but also can see results of their online campaigns.

  • John

    The bit about communication struck me most. Blueprint is in this business for the betterment of our clients first and foremost, and what you’ve described about our commitment to clear and consistent communication indicates that really well.

  • Brian Abbott

    I am new with the company, and so a lot of this information is news to me. I am very glad to have joined such a hard-working, evolving team. Everyone I have talked to has been so kind. Even though they stay focused on the job at hand, everyone is willing to help each other. And all the interactions with clients that I have seen or heard have been very pleasant and professional, making the client’s happiness the number one priority. Can’t wait to develop my own skills along-side this great company and its employees!

  • When I view the Blueprint team and practice through the lens of my past agency experience, I find a kaleidoscope of marked advantages to how we service our clients. As we continue to morph into a household name in the digital ecosystem, we have to commit to maintaining these standards irregardless of size, personnel changes, and competitive shifts in the marketplace. Proud to win with you, Jason and fantastic article on why we win already.

  • Chuniq Inpower

    Results are key! When an agency can show and prove its value and expertise through facts you’d be remiss to not take advantage of that!