Digital Marketing Spotlight: Launching Get My Future Right

Digital Marketing Spotlight: Launching Get My Future Right

Magellan Planning Group is a diversified financial planning consultancy with two offices in metro Atlanta. When Magellan was ready to launch their new long term care insurance product, known as a Linked Benefit Plan, they called Blueprint. Blueprint’s team collaborated with Magellan to create an integrated digital marketing strategy for the product under the banner Get My Future Right.

Get My Future Right addresses the uncertainty associated with aging. As people as get older, they worry more about retirement and health. They often hope for the best but are not prepared for unexpected life changes that may require long term care.

In fact, 70 percent of Americans age 65 or older are likely to need long term care. Magellan’s Linked Benefit Plan offers consumers peace of mind today by investing for tomorrow.

A New Long Term Care Insurance Option for Consumers

Magellan’s Linked Benefit Plan provides an alternative to traditional long term care insurance plans that force consumers to either use their benefits or lose them. With a linked benefit plan, consumers make one initial deposit which remains available for a 100% return. The plan grows their initial investment so resources will be available if they need long term care.

The Linked Benefit Plan also offers consumers maximum flexibility in how they use their wealth. For example, if a consumer ends up not needing long term care, the Linked Benefit Plan allows them to pass the money to their heirs tax free.

Introducing Get My Future Right

The goal of Get My Future Right is to help consumers rest assured that their long term care needs will be met. To achieve this, Blueprint leveraged its strengths in branding, website design, video production, search engine optimization, paid search advertising and social media marketing.

For example, Blueprint created a custom website for the campaign at The site includes helpful information for consumers about long term care insurance and associated costs such as nursing home expenses. also features an engaging video produced by Blueprint’s in-house production team. Hosted by certified financial planner J. Kevin Meaders, the informative video shows viewers how a Linked Benefit Plan works.

Visitors to can provide their information to receive a free, personalized report from Magellan that projects the level of long term care benefits they can expect to receive through the plan. Consumers can then review their data, speak with an advisor and make an informed decision about whether the Linked Benefit Plan is right for them.

Get My Future Right is a great example of Blueprint’s integrated approach to digital marketing. This strategy delivers the sustained visibility businesses need to successfully establish a brand and connect with audiences searching on Google, socializing on Facebook, and watching YouTube.

By: Blueprint