How Businesses Use Google+ Hangouts

How Businesses Use Google+ Hangouts

Looking for new ways to innovate your marketing mix?

Have you ever thought about Google+ Hangouts?

Many businesses are taking full advantage of this creative tool to promote their business enabling them to showcase their products or services to existing and potential customers. If your business has a Google+ account, then you already have access to this free advertising tool. Yes, there’s YouTube and Periscope, but Google+ Hangouts is a unique social media platform that allows guests and potential customers to join in on the fun.

Google+ Hangouts and Your Business | Blueprint

Here are some ways businesses use Hangouts to promote their business or service:


Many businesses are using Q&A sessions to obtain customers and resolve any confusion they may have about the business. By having customers send in questions to your Google+ account before the Hangout starts and then answering them during your Hangout session, you can create a relationship with your customer.

Invite people in different departments of your business to join in on the fun and solidify your expertise to your potential or existing customers. You can share your screen with up to 9 people. The Hangout platform is a great way to engage consumers in a fun and informative manner.

Demonstrating a Product or Service

Catch the attention of potential customers. One of the best ways to give consumers value while promoting your business is to create workshops or demonstrations that show off both your expertise and value. “Demonstrations” is the fastest growing group on Hangouts. One of the early adopters of the demonstration technique on Google+ Hangouts are chefs.

There are numerous chef hangouts that offer cooking classes and food preparation demonstrations in real time like the Social Skillet. The viewers of the demonstration feel like they are in an exclusive group, which makes them see you as an expert, and therefore trust what you are telling them. By providing contact info and encouraging viewers to follow up with any questions are a couple ways the group continues to engage beyond the video session.

Creating Buzz

Some business offer giveaways through the Hangout for their followers. Consumers love giveaways, so any excuse for them to be able to win something is attractive to them. Giving something away drives a tremendous amount of traffic. Creating an exciting environment they want to be a part of and making them feel like they are involved are great ways to create the buzz.

How do existing or potential customers know when a business is sharing or having a Hangout session? Businesses can announce time and date for Hangouts at and other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Using fan bases from other social channels is a great way to expose your brand in a new way.

Take a moment to assess your social media presence and think about ways that Google+ Hangouts can take your business the extra mile; a distance that leads to more than just sales, but a better rapport with existing customers.


By: Solita Owens
  • Aaron Ward

    Google Hangout are a great way for customers to see, “inside your brand” and what your company values are. This tool is a great way to share documents and share your screen with your clients as well. Nice breakdown.

  • Jeff Cline

    What a great topic Soletia! – Love the hangouts. I’ve seen a lot of great topics, questions, products and services covered this way and it’s a great tool to engage your customers, get instant feedback on your product or service and develop ongoing relationships. Tie this into an email blast and social sharing to build your audience and you get the added benefit of great page content for link building, a case study or white paper to use as a teaser for the next event.

  • Soletia, thank you for bringing up one of the most under utilized aspects of digital connectedness; options like Gogle+ and Periscope are going to the forerunners for real-time customer feedback. Imagine the market insight you could gain by quietly inviting some of your highest influencers to experience products before they hit the market!

  • Victoria Vener

    Very informative post! I had no idea that Google+ Hangouts had these capabilities, and I definitely feel like I’ve been missing out. It’s much more inclusive than simply watching a video, and I can see serious potential for building strong consumer relationships. I’d love to see more brands embrace this platform.

  • Chuniq Inpower

    Hangouts are definitely an underutilized tool that is easy to implement and has obvious benefits to its most basic function – video chat. To have live face-to-face time with your customers is to have a direct link to feedback about your business.

    Hangouts are also good for private media junkets to introduce a select number of journalists to discuss your news or launch. Brand loyal customers can be invited to a Hangout to meet with company executives; or the social technology can be extended to community and philanthropic use to mentor with area youth, or connect with civic or social leaders.

    The possibilities are wide with Hangouts for business!