Boost Your Brand with LinkedIn

Boost Your Brand with LinkedIn

In the realm of social media, LinkedIn has struggled to be heard and appreciated. For years, many didn’t even really consider it to be a social network, but rather a slightly different version of

LinkedIN as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Marketing On LinkedIN | Blueprint

In the past couple of years though, LinkedIn has finally been getting the attention it deserves, and proving that it’s so much more than a résumé dump (at worst) or Facebook for professionals (at best).

In fact, LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool, especially for B2B. Here’s why:

LinkedIN Boosts Brand Awareness

LinkedIn is currently the world’s largest professional network, with over 330 million members, and users are not just there to find jobs. It’s the place people turn to when they want to know more about your company than they can find out from your website alone, whether they’re looking for employment or considering doing business with you.

We may be living in increasingly digital times, but people still crave human interaction and that craving fuels the way they do business. LinkedIn is a digital forum, but if used correctly it can go a long way toward humanizing your business in ways that social media networks like Facebook and Twitter can’t.

The more of your employees that are using LinkedIn the better. Employee profiles boost brand visibility and authenticity and allow your employees to act as brand ambassadors. Additionally, when you support your employees on LinkedIn by encouraging them to share accomplishments, publications and events it helps to build a stable working relationship.

LinkedIN Builds Customer Confidence

Content on LinkedIn carries a certain amount of professional weight that content found on Facebook and Twitter simply can’t achieve. The more you engage with the content produced by your industry peers, the more confident and authoritative your company appears.
When you post or share on LinkedIn, it gives potential customers a taste of your professional personality, and if they feel like they know you, they are more likely to trust you with their business.

LinkedIN Drives Traffic

One of the things that LinkedIn doesn’t often get credit for is its link building and traffic driving power. Though the other social media networks get most of the credit for virality and traffic building, when it comes to business content LinkedIn is where it’s at.

Like other social media networks, LinkedIn has a sharing button that allows you to share content in your status updates and in LinkedIn Groups and you can share a single piece of content to multiple groups at the same time. Occasionally content shared on LinkedIn eventually makes it to Facebook and so on, still carrying professional weight, further increasing your audience and traffic potential.

By: Victoria Vener
  • Chuniq Inpower

    I love LinkedIN! Its a great way to connect with colleagues from current and former companies and make connections outside of the office. My college alumni network is extensive, and I love being able to find other Alums on LinkedIN and see how/what they are doing now.

    For your personal brand, the self publishing options and opportunities to add your portfolio or achievements make it a great platform for building your professional image.

    For businesses, its mandatory to understand how LinkedIN plays a part in your marketing strategy and to make best use of its tools for potential employees, business partners, clients and your current staff.

  • Aaron Ward

    Its amazing how LinkedIn is a social platform that is overlooked. Great insight Victoria on how to properly utilize all the features in LinkedIn.

  • Adam Baxter

    LinkedIN is a great place for professionals. It doesn’t carry all the bad baggage you find on places like Facebook. Even the best professional Facebook account doesn’t really compare to the way LinkedIN does it.

  • Naima

    Most people don’t consider LinkedIN as a social platform due to its professional qualities. It is a great marketing tool for professional businesses and individuals due to its different features allowing them to network, exchange ideas, and share important information. Thanks Victoria for sharing!

  • Elizabeth Weaver

    Great insights, Victoria. I completely agree that LinkedIN builds customer confidence. It’s a great platform for sharing messages, especially since LinkedIn is slightly less cluttered than other social media outlets.

    It’s been interesting to me to see how the LinkedIN Pulse Network provides a different kind of online visibility than the typical updates. The flexibility of these kinds of updates is great, particularly when it comes to sharing links or embedding media.

  • John

    It is interesting to hear that LinkedIn is sort of coming into its own. I’ve had a linkedIn profile for years but have never really given much thought to it. It seems it’s got a mojo singularity going on, though, so maybe it’s time for a revisit. Struck most by the point that through LinkedIn, employees can become brand ambassadors.

  • I agree that LinkedIn offers a tremendous amount of value to professionals and businesses alike. It goes beyond being a great networking site. The real value is in the authority it provides. Having even a modest amount of connections enhances professionals’ credibility. LinkedIn’s company pages also offer businesses a platform to reach talent and potential customers. Excellent post, Victoria.

  • Samantha Torres

    On a personal level, keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date will help immensely in building your career and professional reputation. For businesses, it’s imperative to develop your LinkedIn personality just as much as brands do on Facebook and Twitter in order to connect with your professional audience. Great tips and reasoning Victoria!

  • Joshua Bains

    I had a conversation with Jason, and I recall him saying it’s better to blog from your own website than from LinkedIn – if you’ve got the choice. Because you’ll be building more personal authority across the net with your own site, as opposed to LinkedIn where you’re locked in their system. I’d be interested for more opinions on that…

  • Jeff Cline

    I may be one of the few, but of all the social networks, LinkedIn is the one that I keep up with the most. More than just as a resume, but more often for the many often forgotten and overlooked professional groups. I always find some unique nugget to keep me up to date on the latest industry trends and changes from experts in their fields. Posting on linked in can help build your brand and establish you as expert in your field.

  • Patrick Price

    Always loved LinkedIn. It really connects you with companies and individuals to allow a better networking experience. I’ve gotten numerous opportunities through LinkedIn all because I kept it updated with new information so employers could see.