Blueprint's Small Beginnings: Radio Segment

Blueprint's Small Beginnings: Radio Segment

Blueprint’s CEO, Nathan Taitt, founded the company back in 2007, and since then we have steadily grown to where we are today. Recently, Blueprint has developed a strong relationship with Small Business Samaritans. Small Business Samaritans is a company that helps and provides assistance to small business owners, managers, and start ups. They also provide these small businesses with access to monthly business training and sales seminars. Small Business Samaritans has a radio program Blueprint was invited for an exclusive feature.  During this first segment, Blueprint’s small beginnings were discussed.


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 Phillip Saxton: Today, we have in the studio, Nathan Taitt, CEO of Blueprint. [Blueprint was] founded in 2007 in response to the rapid blending of web design, (SEO) search engine optimization, and web video productions. Blueprint is unique in that it offers excellence in full spectrum of web development offering a stronger product incorporating social media marketing and many other tools. Blueprint is now one of the top web development companies in Atlanta. We’re pleased that Nathan is joining us and joining the partnership with Small Business Samaritans. We have joined forces to bring websites at work to our small business community. Welcome Nate, Nathan.

Nathan Taitt: Thank you, glad to be here!

Phillip: Nathan, there are millions of websites. Almost everyone has one now, but most of them are totally worthless. Why is that?

Nathan: That is so true. I would say, there are three things that are very important for every website. Number one, a website has to be beautiful. Number two, the website has to convert. Number three, a website needs traffic. Most websites don’t have any of those. They’re not beautiful, they don’t convert, and they definitely don’t have traffic. Some websites might have one, and an occasional will have two, but very, very few really capitalize on all three of those. And I think they are very important. So again, you have got to have a beautiful website. Make sure people trust you and they are willing to stay on your website. You need a website that converts, and then you’ve got to have traffic.

Phillip: Now tell us, I understand the concept of being beautiful. What is the concept of converting?

Nathan: Well conversion, you need to understand what is the goal of every page? Are you trying to attract phone calls? Are you trying to attract actual purchases? Are you an e-commerce website? You want to know what is the exact definition of every page, so you know that goal, and I think a lot of people really forget to do that. Honestly, I think the number one focus is usually on the beauty. They want to make sure it’s a pretty website, but then if you ask somebody: “What is the purpose of this home page?” after they finally answer, you look at the home page, and it doesn’t do that at all. So conversion is all about what is the goal of your website or your web page.

Phillip: Nathan, being a writer myself, I look at the content. How important is content and writing skills on a website?

Nathan: It’s extremely important, and in fact it kind of segways very nicely with the conversion conversation.  Conversion is the most overlooked element, and you could argue that it is the most important. Everybody knows you have to be beautiful. Everybody knows you need traffic, but people forget about conversion. And the essence of conversion is number one you need to define the goal, but number two you have to know how to write how to have compelling content that will draw people in and give them a directive. Whether it’s to buy a product, to go to learn more about a specific product to make that phone call so again just defining those points of conversion is so important and then the only way you can get people to actually do that is to be a great writer to have those skills to write the compelling content.

Phillip: If someone is doing a website or planning to have their website redone what would be the number one thing you would want them to remember?

Nathan: You know I would have to go back to conversion, and really you know even putting a pencil to paper and saying what is the goal of my website? Again, we run into clients constantly who you know are frustrated with their website and you know are maybe underperforming and they come to us and we ask them, “What are your top products you are selling? What are you trying to showcase? What do you want to accomplish on your home page?” Typically, people haven’t even answered that question, so I would say the number one thing to remember if you own a website is: What is the goal of your home page, and really what is the goal of every single page, and making sure you are accomplishing that goal.

Phillip: Not only do they not know how to answer those questions, sometimes, they don’t know what questions to ask.

Nathan: Absolutely.

Phillip: Nathan, could you tell us how people can get in touch with you at Blueprint.

Nathan: Sure, absolutely. Again, my name is Nathan and I own Blueprint. It’s Blueprint like a lunar eclipse, Feel free to call our offices (770) 817-9560 or visit us on the web.

Phillip: Nathan I have known you for quite a while and I have never asked you this question. Where did you come up with the name Blueprint?

Nathan: Oh, that’s a good question. That actually came from my mom. She had a great idea that we–our job is to push people up past their competitors. We want our clients to own the first page of google, and so she had the idea that we blackout the competition, so it’s an eclipse, and that’s how we came up with Blueprint, because we blackout the competition. We try to own Google. That’s why we’re Blueprint.

Phillip: That’s wonderful. Nathan has a wonderful organization. He’s got a bunch of twenty somethings working for him. It’s a fun organization to be around. It’s a fun organization to work with, and it can really help clients tremendously in improving their website and their conversion as well as increasing traffic.

By: Kara

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