7 Things To Know About Blogger Outreach

7 Things To Know About Blogger Outreach

Link Building | BlueprintBlogs have become more authoritative over the years, giving bloggers the power to become online influencers. There are billions of bloggers around the world; among those blogs, there are some that have high authority and influence in different communities and individuals.

Blogger outreach can be a tedious journey, but also can feel fluid, effortless and rewarding when done right.

Here are different things to consider when it comes to blogger outreach for link earning initiations.

What To Remember When Reaching Out To Bloggers

Relevancy. Get to know what the blog is about before reaching out. Bloggers react differently when you take time to get to know about them and their blogs before contacting them. They are more likely to link to your site, welcome you to become their next blog guest, review your product or talk about your brand when you show authentic interest in them and their blog content.

Create great content. Just like any company, bloggers get thousands of spam emails. The only way you can stand out of the crowd is by coming up with a great idea or content that bloggers can’t resist.

Write a Short Email Pitch. How you reach out will determine whether the blogger will grant you the opportunity you are asking for or not. Personalize your email and find out the contact person to address your needs. First talk about yourself briefly and how you found the blog. Next, talk about why you chose them (a compliment or two can be nice). Lastly, pitch your idea and let them know how grateful you are to be featured in their blog.

Be direct. Tell the bloggers how you would like your ideas to be presented. Let the bloggers know if you want to include links, images or videos from the onset. Blogger outreach can be time consuming; therefore, it is important to let them know about your ideas and what you want out of those ideas. For most cases bloggers will offer their guidelines before hand, but if they don’t have anything, it is important to be clear and direct with them.

Respond on time. Don’t wait too long to respond because bloggers are busy and can forget about your request or move on to the next person in line. It is important to keep a great relationship with the bloggers you’ve reached out to to make sure that your offer still stands.

Keep records. In order to prepare for future linking campaigns and to understand what works vs. what doesn’t in blogger outreach, it is important to keep records of the bloggers you’ve contacted. Whether you use Excel or some other means of managing your activities, you should keep track of each blogger that are interested in your ideas, and keep a running record of on any shares, impressions and user engagement your articles attract.

Remember that you are always in control of your ideas. It is important that you remain true to your original goal because some bloggers will try to take advantage of you. For example, bloggers may take advantage of your guest post, but refuse to give you credit. It is important to be clear that you provide your ideas for something in return and ask them not publish your articles if they don’t agree with your requirements.

Know when to move on with your outreach. Don’t spend too much time on bloggers that won’t accept your requirements. Research the blogs before hand to make sure that your submissions will work with their guidelines. For example, if they don’t link to outside sources, and they don’t give credit to their contributors, then you probably don’t need to pitch your ideas to them.

How To Choose The Right Blog For Outreach

Below are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right blog for your outreach:

Authority: It is important to check the domain authority for the blog to ensure that you are reaching out to the blogs that will help your marketing goals. For most cases, any blog with a higher domain authority, or DA than yours is considered effective. If you want to be even more picky, you can only reach out to the blogs with a DA of 40 and up instead of reaching out to blogs with low DA.

Frequency: How often the blogger posts is another thing to keep in mind. Make sure that the blogger is active and posts regularly before you reach out.

Social followers: It is good to have your guest posts link back to your website, but it is great to have impressions and user engagement for your articles. These will improve your brand visibility and increase traffic to your website.

Useful Tools to Consider

  • Google: A simple Google search on your main idea or keyword will provide you with different websites, blogs and people who are interested in your topic and make it easy for you to create an outreach list.
  • Group High: This tool is very useful and will save you a great amount of time searching for the prospective bloggers to reach out to. Group High will provide you with a list of different blogs based on your topics and online authority and will help you monitor and track your articles.
  • Excel Sheet: Maintain a record of the people you contacted, whether they’ll be interested in another idea and the URL for your published work.

Link earning can be a challenging task if you don’t know the tools and how to reach out to different bloggers. Being patient and using the right strategies will make any link-earning task easy and very rewarding in the long run.

By: Naima