4 Reasons Content Marketing and SEO Strategy Go Hand in Hand

4 Reasons Content Marketing and SEO Strategy Go Hand in Hand

4 Reasons Content Marketing and SEO Strategy Go Hand in Hand | Blueprint When done right and in combination with a solid SEO strategy, content marketing can be the lynchpin  to an accelerated pipeline. If you work with an Atlanta SEO company, you’ll quickly find out that these two efforts are like PB&J in the marketing world. You simply can’t have one without the other, and they blend rather nicely.

To put it simply, SEO has requirements, and content satisfies those needs. SEO produces the best results when its niche, technical endeavors are incorporated into long-form content. At the same time, content that lives online gets the most engagement when SEO techniques are implemented. It’s a cycle that most digital marketers have come to learn.

Here are four reasons why content and SEO strategy overlap.

1.    SEO  Needs Content

While SEO has a very technical, narrow focus, content marketing has a wider definition and is more holistic. However, the two paths converge as SEO is unsuccessful without good content.

Most marketers understand that these two efforts make the perfect recipe for a successful online reputation. In fact, according to a recent survey, only 3% of marketers view the two as separate entities. By definition, SEO requires words, blogs, and keywords, and content is exactly that.

2.    SEO Requires Keywords

One of the most fundamental components of successful SEO is keywords. The keyword research, utilization, and tracking of your search engine rankings are the elements that inform content orders.

High quality, top ranking content starts with relevant keywords. To understand what keywords you’ll incorporate, start by researching what keywords your searchers are entering. Search engines can expose eye-opening insights about what your consumers are thinking when they type in phrases related to your business.

3.    SEO Demands Optimization

Even the most thoughtful blog post won’t help a page rank if the article itself isn’t optimized. SEO goes beyond crafting perfect content. It requires technical steps like configuring the robots.txt, crafting a meta description, improving meta data, implementing tags, and developing a sitemap.

The purpose of having an optimized piece of content is to improve the user experience (UX). Without a great UX or strategic optimization, neither search engines nor humans can find, read, or share your content.

4.    SEO Loves Consistency

Since the beginning, marketers can please Google’s algorithms by providing fresh content. New pieces of content get indexed and rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) than their outdated counterparts.

To be successful in SEO, you’ll need to be dedicated to content marketing. A consistent output of fresh, optimized content guarantees a lift in SERP rankings.

Content marketing is an ongoing effort that requires a committed resource, like an Atlanta SEO company. At Blueprint, we’ve been in the SEO game for over a decade.

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