3DCart Review: Pros and Cons

3DCart Review: Pros and Cons

At Blueprint, I work on a variety of front-end development projects. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with 3DCart, an e-commerce software. Fellow Blueprint employees have written some reviews before on things such as Bing and the Adobe Creative Cloud, and I thought it would be a nice change to do one myself. This is my review of the 3DCart e-commerce shopping cart.


3DCart is an e-commerce software that is easy to use and feature rich. There are different pricing options available, and there are many things included in the hosting packages offered by 3DCart including built-in SEO tools. 3DCart has some free templates available as well as premium templates.

Pros of 3DCart

The main thing I liked about 3DCart while working with it is that it has a lot of features. I found the product listing features to be really detailed and thorough. For example, there are different page styles that could be used for product and category pages. Also, as a developer trying out 3DCart for the first time, I found the template making process to be fairly easy. It did not take me too long to start using the HTML code blocks necessary for 3DCart to work.

Cons of 3DCart

From a front-end developer standpoint, I found 3DCart to be not as customizable as I would like it to be. Because the 3DCart templates use HTML and HTML code blocks, I was limited to the code blocks that 3DCart offers in its Template Reference guide. The guide is not too detailed, and I wish it had more documentation.

I personally thought that while the admin interface had a lot features, it had a slight learning curve. It took me some time to find the features that I needed to implement the 3DCart template. Some of the features can seem like they are buried between all the other features.


In the end, I finished implementing the 3DCart template for a client’s website without too much problem and overall enjoyed learning about an e-commerce shopping cart that I had no prior experience with.

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The final product

The final 3DCart e-commerce template

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