3 Tips on How to Leverage Instagram for your Brand

3 Tips on How to Leverage Instagram for your Brand

With over 300 million users and 70 million posts shared daily, Instagram is more than a space for selfies. It is where real people can share real moments.

What brand wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

3 Instagram Tips For Your Brand | Blueprint

Here are three (of the many) ways you can use this image based platform to your social media marketing advantage.

Become a Visual Storyteller

When you visit a brand’s profile, you are immediately hit with their tale. While a strong bio and link to your website are crucial, the images are really the key factor to attracting the attention of a user. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box. Creativity is encouraged through filters, the types of images and the knowledge of what your audience wants to see.

You may be thinking,”My brand does not really fit with an image heavy platform, why would I join?” Exposure, in any form, is an opportunity that any brand should take full advantage of. Red Bull has mastered this idea. Whether it’s a great action shot or video, they are solidifying their message without going overboard. They are creating an experience you could have with that product, not just a promotional billboard.

User Generated Content

What if you had a bank of images of your product in use without the headache of staging the “candid” shots? With Instagram, you can! By involving your followers in content creation, they feel like they are a personal part of the brand. Shout outs to followers and re-posting their photos on your own feed are ways to get this across. You never know, someone might see that you regrammed someone else’s photo, and then snap their own to get noticed by you. We are capturing every moment of our lives through our lenses. Brands should be capitalizing on our need to over-share by creating ways that followers can post specifically about them.

Track Engagement

As with any other campaign, we want to know what our efforts are getting us. You want to track the levels of engagement for certain images, to see which speak more to your follower base so that you can make adjustments. It is really as simple as it sounds. Certain tools like Iconosquare, Curalate and Piqora can help give in depth statistics on anything from how many total likes your account has, which hashtags work best, and your most loyal followers.

By remaining engaged, being creative, and figuring out what works best for brand growth you can utilize this platform to your advantage. We are definitely a society that feeds off great images and Instagram is the perfect vehicle for sharing. If you gram it, they will come.

By: Blueprint
  • Jeff Cline

    Admittedly, I am an Instagram novice. Reading this I can imagine some great examples of how to build brand recognition. Reminded me of Coca-Cola’s recent “share a coke with (insert name here)” campaigns. Now ad a photo of smiling people enjoying a refreshing soda and spreading it like wildfire. Exchange Coke for your brand and I can quickly see sharing not only smiles, but brand recognition, new customers and higher profits. Great post Emily.

  • Patrick Price

    Instagram is great for businesses who have products that can easily be described or explained via video. Hashtags are amazing when trying to gain followers or views. I think instagram is growing into the number one spot of social media platforms! Great read!

  • Joshua Bains

    Red Bull has a death defying Instagram site. What I think every company needs to do is figure out what bandwagons to jump on. Red Bull could have stuck with peddling fizzy water to partiers and workaholics. By injecting the brand into events, it creates resonance with incredible publicity that presents a brand you want to be around.

    Red Bull becomes more than a sick-sweet hangover cure…
    Red Bull means exciting things are happening.

    • Adam Baxter

      Completely agree. I’m a big fan of redbull for that very reason. They fund all kinds of events, athletes, videos, and are one of the biggest reasons some sports are still alive.

  • Nice post, Emily! You definitely make the value of user generated content clear for businesses. Instagram is a great way to foster brand affinity through direct customer engagement.

  • Elizabeth Weaver

    Gotta love the Insta! Great post, Emily. I agree, it can be such a powerful tool for engaging a brand’s audience. I didn’t realize there were so many great tools to track engagement and analyze performance. Thanks for pointing this out. Nice stuff!

  • Stephen S

    if you blog it, we will read it

  • Soletia Owens

    For someone who doesn’t use instagram, you made interesting for companies to jump on board and share their world with their audience! Business that use instagram to reach their audience are doing a great job at. When it comes to social media, you can’t forget instagram out, it’s growing just as well as Facebook and Twitter. Great article, Emily!

  • I am sure this blog is going to make you #instafamous as it circulates the world wide web 🙂 These are practical tips that the average business can apply immediately. Don’t miss the Instawagon of success. I especially liked the tools plud for Curalate–this is one of the best social media tools on the market in my humble opinion.

  • Samantha Torres

    So many people talk about leveraging user-generated content but few companies do it well. Instagram is an obvious choice! The other part where companies fall is by encouraging the content, but then not interacting with their customers and fans afterward. Word of mouth and references are still the most powerful marketing tool for creating new business. We can’t forget that!

  • Chuniq Inpower

    Instagram is surely a space where any and all brands can carve a niche that aligns with their marketing goals. I appreciate the opportunity for visual storytelling as a consumer, and business professional. I would love to see how the app continues to evolve to integrate its ad management system or promoted posts.