3 Steps to Drive More Online Enrollment Inquiries

3 Steps to Drive More Online Enrollment Inquiries

Young Private School Children Private School Marketing | Blueprint Digital Each year, thousands of families across the country look to make the switch from public to private schools. Some people may hear about your school by word of mouth, but the digital world is what is informing parents’ choices. That’s why it’s important that you highlight the details your school has to offer on your website. Private school marketing needs to be a priority for your institution if you want to increase enrollment.  

Here are three ways to bring in more online enrollment inquiries.  

1. Define Your Parent Personas 

If you spend a lot of face-to-face time with parents and families, then you already have a pretty good idea of your target audience. However, in some instances, the school board will inform you of your “parent personas.” This will help guide the marketing tactics you choose for recruitment.  

A typical parent profile will include a number of characteristics, such as:  

  • Average number of children  
  • Average age  
  • Income 
  • Place of residence  
  • How they heard about your school  
  • Their “pain points” for leaving their current school 
  • What they’re looking for most in a private school  
  • The answers to these profile questions will change depending on the demographic you want to reach. You’ll want to know exactly what your target audience is looking for when they make their decisions about enrollment.  It’s important to cut through the noise, and connect with prospective parents in persuasive ways online.  

2. Publish Blog Posts Regularly   

Blogging on a regular basis is a great way to reach out to your personas. It has become an essential tool for private school recruitment for the following reasons:  

Blog posts boosts your visibility online, which allows you to appear higher in search engine results.   

Posting blogs consistently lets you speak directly to your target audience’s concerns for their child. Posting these high-quality blogs shows parents that your school’s interests aligns with theirs. This builds a bond between the private school and prospective parents.  

Addressing these problems and questions up front will make parents feel more comfortable booking a tour because it establishes your school as a trusted source of information.  

3. Use Social Media Platforms  

You’ve written blogs, now it’s important to get the word out about these posts. That’s where social media comes into place. Create school-specific Facebook and Twitter accounts to share and promote each post. It’s a good idea to include links and incorporate hashtags to start creating conversation about your published content.  

Some social media platforms are even allowing you to pay to “boost” certain posts to make sure that your target audience sees them. You can target these ads by age, country, city, etc.  

These three ideas can help you focus on your target audience and generate more quality inquires for your private school.  Blueprint is excited to take your digital marketing to the next level. Call us today at 770-817-9560 to see how we can help you drive more online enrollment inquiries. 

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