3 MORE Reasons Why Your Business Needs PPC

3 MORE Reasons Why Your Business Needs PPC

Last time on the blog, I wrote about 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs PPC. I discussed how PPC provides immediate and measurable results while giving you the opportunity to build your brand in real time.

But maybe you still aren’t quite convinced that PPC is right for your business or industry. If so, then you’re in luck, because today we’re looking at 3 MORE reasons why your business should dive into the wonderful world of paid search marketing.

1. Highly Qualified Leads

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Everyone in the sales world knows that the highest quality leads are those that come as a referral from a former customer that’s pleased with your business. Selling to the friend of a happy client is easy. But is that the only highly-qualified lead available? Is every other kind of lead simply hit or miss? Of course not. Because all leads aren’t created equally.

Let me explain.

If you think of Google as simply an avenue to sell your product or service, then you will likely be trying to show your ads to anyone who has a computer or smartphone and is kind of, sometimes, maybe, sort of looking for your product or service. It is like having billboard space on a busy interstate. You’re hoping that everyone sees it with the chance that one day they might remember you in a time of need.

But if you consider that Google is actually the first place that most people go to have their questions answered or their problems solved, suddenly PPC becomes an avenue for you to prove how you are the exact answer to their exact question at the exact time they’re looking for the answer.

For example, if someone searches for “best locksmith near me,” what they’re actually doing is asking Google “Who is the best locksmith near me?” And because people trust Google’s search results, your company is immediately seen as trustworthy in the eyes of the searcher because Google has displayed your ad on their page, so obviously they trust you.

So, all that you’re left to do is write an ad with a few points about why you’re the best locksmith, and design a landing page that provides more details of your awesomeness.

PPC isn’t about convincing people that they need you, but rather making sure that you’re getting in front of people that are already looking for you and telling them what you can do for them.

In my experience, paid search marketing provides the highest quality of leads other than referral leads, which reduces your costs and provides you an opportunity for conversion every time your ad shows.

2. Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing utilizes Google’s & Bing’s display networks to show image ads to visitors who have visited your site but have failed to convert. While that may sound complicated, all of us have encountered it in one way or another.

Have you ever visited a shoe website, viewed the page about the immortal Air Jordan XIII’s (the blue ones, of course), and then had those beautiful blue Jordan’s “follow you around the internet” for the next 30 days? Suddenly every website you visit is trying to remind you just how badly you want those blue Jordans.

Yup, you’ve just been remarketed.

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But before you write that off as kind of annoying and little overbearing for your marketing strategy, consider that some services have estimated a conversion rate of over 70% from their remarketing initiatives. And it makes sense why. You’re targeting users who have already searched for your product, landed on your site, and have simply chosen not to buy for some reason. So, your remarketing ads are simply reminding highly qualified users that your business is there and ready to answer their question or solve their problem.

3. Ability to Test Everything

The last reason that I think PPC is right for your business is that it provides you the ability to test everything. Have you ever wondered if offering a “Free Quote” would convert better than a “Same Day Quote”?

Or whether a landing page with a blue color scheme would convert better than your current landing page that utilizes green?

Or what about adding a few “risky” keywords one month to catch some additional traffic that may not be looking exactly for you?

PPC gives you the ability to do all of that and much more.

Landing page tests can be easily conducted by using services such as “Unbounce” that provides you with detailed information about user engagement with your site for 2 identical pages that employ different color schemes. Google and Bing both have interfaces that make testing and comparing ad copy simple. Adding new keywords can be done with just a few clicks, which makes constantly expanding and pausing your keyword lists easy.

With the ability to easily test multiple variables at once within PPC, your business stays nimble enough to ebb and flow with your industry, and capitalize on strategic times throughout the year to see continuous growth and increasing profit – the real reason anyone engages in marketing anyway.

By: Jeremy