Video content has never been in more demand than it is today. According to Forbes, approximately 70 percent of businesses throughout the United States have a video component included in their overall marketing strategy. What’s telling about the power of video content is that close to 66 percent of these companies did not have one 12 months […]

As more and more businesses are realizing, video is an effective way to connect emotionally with potential customers. Video enables your business to tell its story to viewers using stunning animation, memorable visuals, and meaningful content. At the same time, the budget required to produce a video can seem out of reach for many businesses. […]

Every business has a story to tell, and when you tell it right, it will help connect potential customers to your company. A good story is always more memorable than a marketing or sales pitch, especially when you use video to tell it. Video is a fast and effective way to share the benefits customers […]

More and more consumers are spending time watching videos online and on their mobile phones. This makes reaching new customers using video a great opportunity for businesses. There are several ways businesses can use video to reach new customers. And because of advances in technology, working with an Atlanta video production company is now more […]

When it comes to boosting brand engagement, video production is right on the money. People are much more captivated by watching a video than they are by other communication tools. You are far more likely to attract visitors to your business and increase your conversion rates by including video content on your landing page. Here […]