How to Use Video to Tell Your Company’s Story to Customers

How to Use Video to Tell Your Company’s Story to Customers

Atlanta video production company Every business has a story to tell, and when you tell it right, it will help connect potential customers to your company. A good story is always more memorable than a marketing or sales pitch, especially when you use video to tell it.

Video is a fast and effective way to share the benefits customers will experience when they utilize your company’s products or services. An Atlanta video production company can help you shine a spotlight on your company and connect with current and future customers. Here are some tips on using video to tell your company’s story.

Know Your Brand to Show Your Brand Using Video

Before you can start making your video, you must first define what your company’s story is about and what it answers in regards to the customer — namely, the value they get from interacting with your business.

Your company story answers customer questions like:

  • Why your company exists — what’s the origin or your product or service? What pain point does it resolve for customers?
  • The people that make up your company, and what motivates them to come into work every day
  • Who your customers are, and what your company values about them

Answering these questions helps you and your video production company know how to develop your story, as well as solidifying your company’s branding message.

Know Your Audience to Shape Your Video

Remember, your company video isn’t really about you — it’s about your audience and their perception of you. Your current and potential customers are your audience, and you should use them as the basis for story characters. Look at their ages, locations, buying personas, and interests to create a connection between your company and your audience. This helps the audience relate to your video on an emotional level, making them feel more connected to your brand.

Be Creative with Storytelling Using Video

Storytelling using video requires more creativity than traditional content marketing, and it’s a great opportunity to go the extra mile to be memorable to your audience. Figure out how to speak to customers about your core values in a way that will grab — and keep — their attention. The best storytelling videos entertain, inform, and add value using powerful visuals.

Focus on One Message in Your Online Video

Using videos, whether it’s on your website, YouTube, or social media platforms, isn’t the same as a full-length film. It’s important to keep your story short and clear in order to keep the audience engaged. When creating your storyboard, avoid trying to fit as many ideas in as possible, and focus on just one message at a time. Anything else can be used in subsequent videos.

Blueprint has an experienced video production team that can help you tell your company’s story to customers. If you’re ready to engage and entertain your audience, contact our video production team today.

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