Unleashing the Power of Video to Boost Brand Engagement

Unleashing the Power of Video to Boost Brand Engagement

video production in Atlanta When it comes to boosting brand engagement, video production is right on the money. People are much more captivated by watching a video than they are by other communication tools. You are far more likely to attract visitors to your business and increase your conversion rates by including video content on your landing page.

Here are 3 reasons to begin including dynamic and compelling video content in your digital marketing mix.

Video Content Engages More Than Text Alone

The human brain has the capacity to process the information from images 60,000 times faster than it processes textual information. This is the reason so many people opt to see the movie adaptation rather than reading the book – our brains can consume infinitely more via moving images than static words.

This isn’t to discount the written content on your website, as that has a tremendous amount of value on its own. But, adding video to your website is an effective way to get your brand message across quickly and efficiently.

Video Creates an Emotional Connection with Potential Customers

Consider all of the creative elements that are present in a video that can bring your business to life on an otherwise static webpage.

You have living, breathing images; the sound of human voices giving testimony for the product or service you are selling; and the emotionally compelling musical backdrop that can give your customers that extra push to go from observer to buyer.

All of these features work together to form an emotional bond with your viewer that is designed to effectively convert them from leads to sales.

You Don’t Need a Big Budget to Get Results with Video

Business owners often don’t include video production in their digital marketing plans because they think that to have a quality production, you must pay top level dollars. However, that simply is not true.

A talented production team knows how to use the assets and devices available to them to create video content that converts. There have been dozens of technological inventions over the last decade or so that have allowed modestly budgeted production crews to create captivating videos. Drones, stabilized dollies, and other tools can give your promotional clip a high-quality look and commercial appeal at an affordable price.

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