3 Ways to Use Video to Connect with Customers

3 Ways to Use Video to Connect with Customers

Atlanta video production company More and more consumers are spending time watching videos online and on their mobile phones. This makes reaching new customers using video a great opportunity for businesses.

There are several ways businesses can use video to reach new customers. And because of advances in technology, working with an Atlanta video production company is now more affordable than ever.

Here are three ways companies can use video to connect with customers.

Use Video on Your Website to Engage Customers

Research by Google shows that 48% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from a company with video content on their website. Having a video on your website also boosts user engagement, an important factor in search engine rankings.

Video gives your business an opportunity to personally engage viewers with informative content about your company. For example, you can use live action video to take visitors on a virtual tour of your facility or show your team members meeting the needs of customers.

If you have a high concept service or very technical product, you can use video animation to demonstrate how your service works or how to set up or install your product. You can also include promo codes to reward viewers with a discount or alert them to special offers.

Use Video on Social Media to Help Consumers in the Moment

Consumers search the internet when they are inspired to create, need help with a task, and want more information about a product or service. Mobile phones have made these “in the moment” searches even more powerful as consumers literally have information at their fingertips.

This makes social media an ideal platform for “how to” videos. Google’s research shows that searches for “how to” videos on YouTube have increased 70% year over year. High-quality “how to” videos provide consumers with solutions and build loyalty to your brand.

You can also break down longer “how to” videos into smaller snippets and post them on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Short videos are easy to share with others on social media and widen the reach of your digital marketing campaigns.

Use Video in Email to Guide Consumers on the Buyer’s Journey

Showing the right video to the right person at the right stage of the buyer’s journey can increase conversions from email marketing campaigns. For example, a high-level overview of your brand is better for the awareness stage while a product demonstration, explainer videos, or testimonials makes more sense for someone further down the funnel.

You can hire a production company for a one day shoot covering several topics and then edit the video into shorter segments that can be used in a series of email messages. This enables your company to obtain all the content it needs for a campaign while staying within budget guidelines.

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