There’s been plenty of research conducted over the past few years about Millennials, and how they differ from other generations – as decision makers, customers, and participants within their communities. Research suggests that by the end of 2017, Millennials will comprise of the largest online audience and will have more purchasing influence than any other […]

Today’s average consumer searches online for everything. Information, products, services; the list comprises of over 3.5 billion individual queries each day performed through Google, according to Internet Live Stats. The relationship consumers have with the World Wide Web has shifted dramatically over the last decade. Where the Internet was a challenging environment to navigate through between the […]

When current and potential customers visit your company’s website, they see it as a reflection of your business and its credibility. Attractive visuals and easy navigation help visitors take your products, services, and brand seriously. However, in today’s fast-changing digital world, attention spans are shorter and competition for consumers is tougher. Operating a successful business […]

Website design is increasing in importance for businesses of all sizes. Although 54% of small businesses have websites, many of them are outdated. Others are not designed to take advantage of the proliferation of smartphones, social media, and e-commerce driving consumer engagement today. If your company’s website fits in either of these groups, you’re practically […]

The goal of a business website is to draw visitors in and then turn them into customers. Each detail of your website’s design, from call to action buttons to font colors and sizes, affects how visitors navigate your site and how likely they are to convert. Effective web design is based on the principles of […]