How Often Should You Update Your Website Design?

How Often Should You Update Your Website Design?

Atlanta Web Design CompanyWhen current and potential customers visit your company’s website, they see it as a reflection of your business and its credibility. Attractive visuals and easy navigation help visitors take your products, services, and brand seriously.

However, in today’s fast-changing digital world, attention spans are shorter and competition for consumers is tougher. Operating a successful business in this environment may require updating your website more frequently than in the past.

An Atlanta web design company can give you specifics but here are a few questions to think about as you consider how often to update your site.

Has Your Business Changed?

Is your current website an accurate representation of your company and what it offers to customers today? While your business has changed over time, your website has probably stayed the same. As new trends emerge you may find your website needs to better reflect where your company is headed. Perhaps your company is aiming for a new target audience or customer demographic. Your web design should align with these changes.

If you have new product offerings or your company is moving into e-commerce, an updated website design can showcase these changes to customers. A new home page with strong visuals that translate well on mobile screens may be needed to entice customers to new products. Plus, sometimes stock photos become outdated or overused and need to be changed or replaced with custom photography that uniquely aligns with your brand.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

The number of people accessing websites from mobile phones surpassed desktop computer users in November 2016. This shift makes updating your web design more urgent.

Since most consumers are going to experience your business on a mobile phone first, your web designer should take a mobile first approach that uses responsive design.  Responsive design enables your website to adapt to a mobile phone screen without losing any visual appeal or functionality.

Watch out for slow loading pages and confusing navigation. These will send your visitors to competitors fast. Also, keep in mind that a responsive design is not the same thing as a separate mobile site. A separate mobile site may not function on every phone operating system, increasing the chances that users will encounter an error and abandon your site.

Is Your Website Designed to Drive Conversions?

An effective website does more than hold informational content while splashing your company logo. It also must generate business. If your website is generating steady traffic but not conversions, it’s time to consider updating your website design.

Taking a conversion-oriented approach to your website design includes strategically placing calls-to-action(CTAs), contact forms, and your phone number throughout the site. Effective CTAs stand out to visitors, guide them to complete a step on a landing page, and help turn them into customers.

Updating your website design is an investment that will pay dividends in the form of new customers. Blueprint’s web design team can refresh the look of your website and make it mobile friendly. Contact us today!

By: Blueprint
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