Google Chrome is partnering with Adobe to introduce streaming Photoshop Creative Cloud on the web. It allows people with slower computers to handle the technical requirements of Photoshop on the Chrome browser, opening the program to more designers than ever before. Photoshop on a Chromebook Google Chrome is becoming more popular everyday, with a lot […]

In two weeks, Yahoo’s search share has skyrocketed from 9.6% to 29.4%. The reason? Firefox changed its default search engine from Google Chrome to Yahoo!. This growth points to the continued significance of default search engines. It also brings new hope to other companies that feel shackled by Google’s dominance, which may be nearing the […]

Firefox To Partner With Yahoo!

December 3rd, 2014 by

Firefox announced its decision to change its global search default to Yahoo!, ending its ten year agreement with Google. The new five year partnership will change the look of Firefox’s web searches starting at the end of 2014. What If I Don’t Like Yahoo!? If you’re a Firefox user and are not a big fan of Yahoo!, […]

Bing has always worked hard to distinguish itself from Google. It might not own the largest video hosting platform on the Internet or have created a popular social media network, but as of October 27, you are now able to search via emojis on Bing. The search engine joins Yahoo and Yelp in adding this […]

Google’s new search algorithm patent named “TV Rank” stands to change the way marketers relate to potential consumers. Filed in June 2011 and granted September 2014, the patent is described as a “way to enhance user search results on a device, based on what a user may be watching in proximity.” Google of course uses […]