Video Productions in Warehouses

Video Productions in Warehouses

So you have to do a video shoot in a warehouse…

When you hear you have a video shoot scheduled in a warehouse, do you prepare yourself?  Video is never an easy project.  Furthermore, on location in a warehouse is certainly not an easy project.

Warehouse projects may come up often.  Several companies want to show off their equipment, laboratories, and space to show possible clientele their capabilities.  There are several things to be aware of that you can easily be prepared to face.  Here are a few factors that you need to consider and things you may face in this type of setting.


  • Prepare to get dirty!  Most warehouses are not clean.  In addition, they may look nice, but you could pick up an extension cord and suddenly covered in dust or dirt.  The equipment may also get dirty or dusty during this video shoot.  Be prepared to wipe it down afterwards.  If you do not mind it being dirty during transport, you can always wipe any remaining dirt off afterwards.
  • The temperature in a warehouse is usually not much different from the temperature outside.  It can be degrees different, but overall the same.  When it is hot outside, it will be hot in the warehouse.  Most warehouses are not air-conditioned.  Mainly, because it would cost a small fortune to cool x amount of square feet in the warehouse and they are usually large.  In the summertime, be prepared to sweat!  Not only can the temperature of the warehouse be hotter than a summer day, but it can also be freezing!  In the winter, warehouses tend to be cold.  Now this is not always accurate.  Sometimes a warehouse will have a space heater or fans.
  • Dress according to the weather, and the best way to dress is to wear layers.  That way no matter what the temperature is, you are prepared.  Also, always dress comfortably!
  • When it comes to footwear, make sure they are closed toe (NO OPEN TOE SHOES, NO FLIP-FLOPS, NO HEELS).  The best thing to wear is a comfortable pair of tennis shoes.
Warehouse Employees & Equipment
  • Chances are this video shoot is also during the hours of operation.  On the off chance it is not, and no one is there and working, great!  However, most places, it will be scheduled right in the busy hustle and bustle of the warehouse.  You have to consider two things:
  1.  Where is the best place to set up the equipment for the video shoot?  The set up needs to be out of the way and not disturb the warehouse employees.
  2. How is the noise in the warehouse from the employees to the equipment going to affect the sound in your video?  Yes, you could remove noise in post-production; however, you still want to get the best sound as possible.  AUDIO IS ALWAYS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR VIDEO.

Your audio is MORE important than your video!

Find out why: (Video by Anthony Q. Artis)

  • You should always be aware of your surroundings in a warehouse.  With all the equipment around, being careful is a necessity!  Not paying attention to what is around you could result in an injury if you are not careful in this setting!
By: Kara

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