Video Marketing: Why Should You Care?

Video Marketing: Why Should You Care?

Video Marketing“If a picture is a worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand words, 25 times a second.” – The Distilled Guide to Online Video Marketing

The whole world uses and consumes video content from a multitude of different formats, from DVD to broadcast television, and for a multitude of purposes, from pure entertainment to education and advertisement. But, thanks to the internet, the world of video consumption is rapidly changing.

T.V. advertisements, as a marketing tool,  are a great testament to the reliability and power of video to produce results. But with the rise of online video consumption throughout recent years, and its continuing rise, has changed and is changing the way people consume video content. Consequently, this has in turn changed the way businesses need to think about using video as an effective tool for promotion and conversion.

With the help of web marketing companies like Reno Web Geeksthe ability of companies, large and small, to see fantastic results from online video marketing campaigns has become easier and far more feasible than ever.

But even though the way people watch video is changing, the fact that video can be used and is being used effectively hasn’t. In fact, popular SEO website ReelSeo has this to say: “According to Econsultancy, 93% of marketers included online video as part of their overall marketing strategies in 2013. In fact, the ReelSEO 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends report confirms that 80% of marketers say that video marketing has positively impacted their business. As we move into 2014, those marketers will surely be looking for ways to get more return from their video marketing.” [1]

There is a reason for these statistics. It’s reported that Youtube had 159 million unique visitors and 13.3 billion video views in December 2013. Vimeo reported 39 million unique visitors and 142 million video views in December of the same year. EMarketer estimates that YouTube earns 21 percent of all video ad revenues in the United States and earned $5.6 billion in gross revenue worldwide last year.

And it’s not just sites known for video, like youtube and vimeo, that are getting results. ReelSeo reports that for websites that received visitors referred from the popular blog site Tumblr “more than 1/3rd of Tumblr Referred Visits Produced a Video View.” They also add that “more than half of visits referred from Tumblr to sports-related Websites, resulted in a video view. 56% – that’s an incredibly high conversion rate in anyone’s book…”

Web publishing platform Squarespace reported that, following their hugely successful 2014 Superbowl ad, they are planning on spending $40 milllion on video marketing in 2014. In this vein, T.V. advertisement has remained relatively immune to the rise in online marketing. However, with Facebook’s recently leaked plans to dethrone traditional video marketing with a more targeted approach, the world may see even more changes to come. [2]

With content marketing taking center stage as the preferred way to advertise, for any business, large or small, the day may come very soon when online video marketing is not just beneficial, but absolutely necessary for growth and success.


[1]Source: The Case Against YouTube: Smarter Video Marketing Strategies for 2014

[2]Leaked Facebook Video Ad Pitch Deck Reveals Plans To Steal TV And YouTube Dollars

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