Learn PHP & MySQL in Just 10 Hours!

Learn PHP & MySQL in Just 10 Hours!

I hope this post title wasn’t too misleading, because you aren’t likely to learn PHP and MySQL in 10 hours. Nevertheless, if you have 10 hours to spare and are interested in learning PHP & MySQL, the Lynda tutorial PHP with MySQL Beyond the Basics with Kevin Skoglund is an excellent place to start!

An Informative Appendix

Frequently, online tutorials begin with several minutes of demonstrations of software installation and server configuration. Then follows another several minutes of repetitive information for Windows vs Linux users. When listed as Step 1 of a video tutorial, viewers might feel compelled to sit through these explanations, fearing they will miss an important piece of information that directly correlates to the main goals of the tutorial. Thankfully, this tutorial placed this content in the appendix. If the viewer is uncertain about certain server configurations, he or she immediately knows where to look, but is not required to watch its entirety. Perhaps to your relief, this appendix is 1 hour long, so if you already know how to configure your server, you only have a 9-hour tutorial ahead of you!

Very Practical Examples

My favorite part of this tutorial was Kevin’s method of integrating a wide variety of PHP & MySQL concepts into a single, fully-functional web application. I immediately knew how the concepts were relevant to custom web applications that I might be building. Other tutorials often explain HOW theories can be used, without elaborating on WHEN they should be used.

In addition, I found his method of organizing his code extremely helpful. Inexperienced coders often create code that works, but is not necessarily well-organized. In his tutorial, he begins by coding the way an in experienced programmer might complete a task. Then he goes back and re-organizes the code where it will be most efficient and resuable. This method helps inexperienced coders understand what he is initially doing, then shows them how they can improve their existing code. Throughout the tutorial, he ensures that the code follows basic PHP & MySQL security.

Appropriately Planned & Well Spoken

Lastly, Kevin’s tutorial was very easy to listen to and follow. He never begins speaking without knowing how he will finish his thought. No ‘ums’, ‘likes’ or pauses. Best of all, he doesn’t try talking while he types, so he isn’t stumbling over his words while trying to type something else.

The tutorial is not ideal for the beginner, but it is perfect for someone with a basic understanding of PHP & MySQL that wants to build his or her very first web application!

By: Sarah

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