Why Conversion Tracking Is Essential for a Successful PPC Campaign 

Why Conversion Tracking Is Essential for a Successful PPC Campaign 

PPC Advertising Management icon Peter Drucker believed that if you can’t measure something then you can’t manage it and what gets measured gets improved. These maxims still hold true today and are especially relevant to paid search marketing campaigns.

Companies of all sizes use Google advertising to get in front of potential customers searching for products and services. Yet, many businesses are not measuring the results of their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. This means companies are spending advertising dollars without accurately knowing how much is returning to the bottom line in the form of leads, phone calls, or direct sales revenue.

Monitoring conversion data allows for transparent, accurate, and undeniable attribution for paid search marketing efforts. If your business hasn’t been tracking conversions, there’s no time like the present to get started. The good news is that conversion tracking is easy to set up in Google Adwords, and even more, the benefits are immediate.

Conversion Tracking: The GPS of Your PPC Campaign

The only way to know if your business is making progress is to compare where you currently stand in relation to your company’s goals. Knowing where you are at the start of your PPC campaign and then tracking your progress provides a benchmark to compare future results and demonstrate a return on investment.

Proper conversion tracking allows for unbiased measurement and reporting of the results a PPC campaign has yielded. With conversion tracking, questions like “Are we there yet?” will become a thing of the past. You’ll know when you’ve hit certain key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting will become very straight forward with no guesswork involved. Conversion tracking will also let you know when it’s time to change course, make major adjustments, or pause non-performing initiatives.

Conversion Tracking Allows You to Utilize Enhanced Cost-Per-Click

Simple conversion tracking and clear lead generation attribution is one of the many benefits of paid search marketing over other advertising methods. Another benefit of PPC advertising is that Google can automatically adjust your keyword bids when it believes the searcher is more likely to convert. It’s very similar to Facebook’s conversion-based campaign objectives. Based on their browsing history, interests, and a plethora of other data-points that it collects through cookies, Google is able to predict which users are more inclined to convert for each advertiser that has this feature enabled.

But here’s the catch: even if you enable this setting in your PPC account, it will have no effects if your campaign is not tracking conversions.

PPC advertising can help your business reach people who are searching for the solutions your company can provide. But, before you launch your PPC campaign, make sure conversion tracking is properly set up. With conversion tracking in place, every single action or inaction can be recorded, analyzed, and used to accurately measure results and forecast future trends.

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By: Corey Purnell