4 Commonly Overlooked Benefits to Using PPC for Your Business

4 Commonly Overlooked Benefits to Using PPC for Your Business

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising provides many benefits to business small and large. Unfortunately, many business owners underestimate these benefits and missing out on potentially large opportunities to grow their businesses and tap into a virtually endless stream of customers.

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, rewards advertisers who express relevancy to what users are searching for. This is a combination of headlines, ad copy, landing page content and the keyword(s) that they are bidding on. A little known, but significant fact about PPC is that you don’t have to highest bid to win the top ad position. Your ad rank is a combination of the max bid that you’re willing to pay and your quality score, which is Google’s way of calculating relevancy.

Here are 4 main reasons why you should be using PPC in your business today:

1 – Attract Consistent & Targeted Traffic

There a concept in advertising called message to market match. Essentially it preaches the importance of making sure your ad copy (message) is relevant and interested to your ideal customers (market). In PPC, your ad only shows for the keywords that you’re bidding on. And the with the added control of keyword match types like exact match, you the advertiser have complete control on which search queries or keywords your ad will show for.

Google, the most popular search engine in the world, rewards advertisers who create relevant ads and offerings to what users are searching for. This is a combination of headlines, ad copy, landing page content and the keyword(s). A little known, but significant fact about PPC is that you don’t have to highest bid to win the top ad position. Ad rank takes into account your max bid that you’re willing to pay for each click and your ads quality score, which is Google’s way of calculating relevancy. Quality score, or relevancy, is given the greater weight in determining the final ad rank or position.

2 – Customized Budgets Allows for Maximum Control & ROI

Within AdWords, you can set daily budgets. There are few other marketing channels that allow this much control over how much money you spend, down to the last penny. This allows you to start with a concrete test budget and just let the campaign run. After the budget is exhausted, you now have data and hopefully conversions or purchases that can give you the confidence to launch a bigger campaign while keeping costs low on PPC, SEO, Facebook or any other medium for that matter.

3 – Get Results Faster

In today’s fast paced world, no one has time to wait months or years for market research studies or reports to show what’s working in the marketplace. Every day your inventory sits collecting dust, you’re losing money. With PPC, you can build and launch an entire paid campaign in less than 2 hours and start to receive results instantly, once your ads are approved. Have a fresh batch of custom hand bags that you need sold by tomorrow? No problem. With a well-structured paid campaign, you can start receiving leads and even orders the same day.

This quick turnaround time combined with split testing your message (headline, ad copy, etc) allows for you to very quickly find what resonates best with your audience and achieve some quick wins, or cash flow, for your business. Site optimization opportunities can also reveal themselves through PPC campaigns. If you’re receiving a lot of high quality clicks, but little to no conversions, the problem may lie in your landing page design or message.

4 – Collect & Learn from Your Own Data

PPC Deep Dive Discovery | BlueprintAllows you to make data-informed decisions instead of guesses. Historical campaign data will show you exactly what is working and what needs to be killed. With PPC, you can split test ad variations with different headlines and ad copy. Over time, you’ll be able to tell which message resonates best with your market. You can now duplicate this already proven and converting messages out and use them on other paid marketing channels like Facebook or LinkedIn saving you a ton of time and wasting ad spend in the process.

Pay per Click advertising can help your business grow to the next level in a controlled, and profitable fashion. But PPC can also become a money pit if the account structure lacks the implementation of today’s PPC best practices. If you would like more information about our PPC services and receive a deep-dive PPC business discovery, please contact us for more info.

By: Corey Purnell
  • Elizabeth Weaver

    Great post, Corey! Gotta love the quick turnaround of PPC results! What are your recommendations for split testing? How much time do you recommend a business give for gauging performance of each iteration?

    • Corey Purnell

      Thank you. With split testing, start with a minimum of writing 3-4 ads per ad group incorporating compelling ad copy with features and benefits. Over time, you can continue to add additional duplicate ads with a minor variation to increase performance and compete against yourself. You may start to see results immediately (positive / negative) but you shouldn’t use them to justify killing an ad or declaring a winner until those results stabilize after a few weeks (30 days+). Anything shorter than that may be too small of a sample size to accurately predict a larger population (ie – blindly assuming these few dozen people represent my entire target market).

  • jdspotts

    Thanks for the post, Corey. Being a statistics dork, I couldn’t agree more about the last benefit of collecting and analyzing data. It’s very useful to be able to see all of the metrics Google has to offer. You can see what people are searching for, when they’re searching for it, what keywords are most profitable, etc. It’s incredibly interesting (to me at least).

    • Corey Purnell

      Right on Mr. Spots. Data mining can uncover lots of golden nuggets for business owners and help them better serve their customer base

  • Courtneika Hudson

    Love this! Many business owners fall short when it comes to PPC, so they opt out quickly. This is a great framework for encouraging incorporation of paid advertising in every business strategy!

    • Corey Purnell

      Exactly. It reminds me of Napoleon Hill’s “three feet from gold” story. If only the prospector would’ve kept digging another three feet, he would’ve struck a gold mine

  • Jeff Cline

    Some great questions by Elizabeth, and a good post. I think a lot of business owners either don’t completely understand how PPC is supposed to work, or have had someone do it poorly. Understanding the deeper levels of data, and knowing that this is one of a very small group of advertising opportunities where you have a high level of control in the outcome can help to overcome these fears, frustrations or misunderstandings.

  • Caleb Longenecker

    Corey, you presented PPC in a light that makes businesses want to dive in with two feet. You cleared the murky waters by shedding light on PPC, revealing it as a strategic solution that can be implemented even within a short timeline.