What Questions are Millennials Asking Search Engines About Your Business?

What Questions are Millennials Asking Search Engines About Your Business?

The Millennial generation isAtlanta SEO Company Millennial Using Smartphone | Blueprint the largest population in the history of United States accounting for over 92 million people.

This is 15 million more than the Baby Boomers and almost 30 million more than the population of Generation X, according to research conducted by Goldman Sachs.

This size presents significant opportunities for small business owners and brands when it comes to increasing their market share and creating new sources of revenue.

How Millennials Connect with Businesses

Millennials primarily connect with businesses through digital channels that allow them to conduct research and engage with other like-minded consumers to better understand possible experiences.

Since Millennials are the first generation to grow up with the Internet and are used to searching for information through popular search engines like Google, businesses need to develop professional websites that offer attractive, compelling experiences that make converting into a customer as simple as possible.

Partnering with an experienced Atlanta SEO Company provides you with a detailed plan of action that outlines how you can attract Millennials to your website and convert them into customers.

Attracting Millennials to Your Small Business Website

To attract Millennials to your site, you need to partner with an experienced SEO company that utilizes tools capable of highlighting the intentions and interests of particular niche audiences.

Being able to tap into digital spaces that allow you to monitor Millennial behavior gives you the chance to create customized content that attracts their attention and converts them into loyal clients.

How to Monitor the Online Behavior of Millennials


Small businesses can attract Millennials from Facebook by providing tailored content that’s based on the interests, dialogue, and images shared through niche groups and personal pages.

Since 88 percent of Millennials rely on Facebook for their news, it’s clear that this particular demographic is interested in understanding how trending topics are viewed by their peers.

Businesses that work with an experienced Atlanta SEO company like Blueprint can leverage this concept by creating custom slideshows, videos, and infographics that speak to such trending topics, capturing the attention of Millennial users and getting them to click-through to their professional websites.

Optimized or SEO Friendly Video Content

YouTube is the world’s second most used search engine and video content has reshaped how Millennials consume information.
90% of online Millennial consumers say that watching a video about a particular product helps them feel more confident when conducting an online transaction.

Small businesses can use this to their advantage by partnering with an Atlanta SEO company that creates optimized video content that’s optimized to rank well within search engines and attracts the attention of online Millennial consumers.

Whether it’s creating a series of storyline videos that frame a particular product or service within a narrative, or your audience demands mini “how-to” references; video content is a must-have for any business that’s interested in tapping into the Millennial audience.

Attract More Customers and Increase Revenue by Connecting with Online Millennial Consumers

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