5 Ways To Make Your Content Click with Customers

5 Ways To Make Your Content Click with Customers

Increase Website Conversions | BlueprintEvery business owner is focused on obtaining the highest search rankings for their website. However, conversions are an equally important part of a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

Conversion rates measure the high value actions visitors are taking on your website. Examples of high value actions include:

  • Clicking on page
  • Completing a contact form
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • “Liking” your Facebook page
  • Calling your store for more information
  • Scheduling a consultation
  • Buying a product from your e-commerce site

5 Ways to Convert Content to Conversions

As a business owner you are in the best position to know what actions are meaningful for your company. Here are five ways to ensure your website content leads to conversions.

1. Every Landing Page Should Have A Goal

Think about what you want visitors to do on your each page of your site. Do you want them to spend more time on a web page reading content about your product or service? Do you want them to visit other pages with more information? Do you want them to send you an email? Purchase a product?

Every website landing page should have a purpose.

2. Include A Call To Action

Communicate exactly what you want your potential customer to do when they visit your site. Strong call to action phrases include:

  • “Contact Us”
  • “Call us today”
  • “Let’s get started.”
  • “Choose a plan.”
  • “Find out more.”
  • “Give it a Try.”

Calls to action should be concise and compelling copy that makes visitor want to act.

3. Make An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Offering a benefit encourages visitors to complete the action you want in anticipation of what they will receive in return. Examples:

  • Free download of white paper or ebook
  • A discount
  • Free trial
  • Easy return policy
  • Free Quote
  • Money back guarantee

4. Make It Easy To Take The Desired Action

This is where good page design comes in. Actions steps or instructions should stand out on the page. Use a prominent button to clearly guide the visitor to the next step in the process.

Also, make sure your site is mobile friendly as more and more customers are conducting searches and consuming content on smartphones.

5. Use The Right Words to Generate Conversions

Certain keywords used to describe your product or service convert better than others. Some keywords and phrases drive traffic while others drive conversion. Start with a list of keywords that best describe your product or service.

A reputable SEO firm can review your list and use data to identify the keywords and phrases that generate traffic and conversions. These can be incorporated into engaging, authentic and relevant content.

Improve Your Site’s Content and Grow Your Business

Good content goes beyond a sales pitch to include information that is meaningful to the reader. When website content incorporates compelling calls to action, clear benefits, irresistible offers, and easy navigation, potential customers can easily take valuable actions that support your business.

By: Eddie Santiago
  • Naima

    Great topic! It is very important for businesses to create goals for websites. One of the very important tool to keep in mind is google analytics. This tool will help companies measure their goals, adjust, and make changes to their goals depending on the reactions of their site visitors.

  • Elizabeth Weaver

    Great article, Eddie! These are extremely important points to remember when building out the layout and content of a site. Too often, the managers of websites forget the sole purpose behind creating them. I love that you’ve listed out different types of goals. Goals lay the framework. Awesome stuff!

  • Jeff Cline

    Love this topic Eddie! I may be slightly biased, but it’s all about the click.
    In the digital space it’s the first step from prospect to customer. A good point to remember is to ensure you are tracking site traffic and your conversions whenever possible. I am always surprised when I see a sight without proper tracking. The data provided can give insight to landing page changes that should be made, as well as the success of changes you have made.