Best SEO Practices to Increase Visibility for Your Business

Best SEO Practices to Increase Visibility for Your Business

seo-image In order for your website to be effective at marketing to potential customers, users first have to be able to find it. If you want to see your business’s website appear at the top of search result pages, you’ll need to employ search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns to make it happen.

Hiring an experienced Atlanta SEO company that follows best practices can help increase visibility for your business, both in search engine results and website traffic.

Do Your Research: Who Is Your Target Audience, and What Are They Searching?

A comprehensive, ongoing keyword strategy is designed to identify terms and words to use on your website in response to what consumers are searching for. While this might seem straightforward, are you sure you and your audience are speaking the same language?

If you don’t answer your consumer’s questions in the way they want to receive or can understand the answer, your SEO strategy will be ineffective. You have to speak naturally in a way that’s easy to understand.

For example, imagine you own a home improvement company. While you might pride yourself in your home improvement services, is “home improvement” the best keyphrase? If you do your research, you may discover that the average consumer isn’t interested in or understand home improvement — they’re searching for “home remodeling.” A simple adjustment in your keyphrase strategy could make a big difference in your search result rankings.

When It Comes to Content, Less Really Isn’t More

While it’s true that the average website viewer has a short attention span and doesn’t want to read a lot of content, that doesn’t mean the content shouldn’t be there. Businesses increase their visibility in search rank results by being recognized as experts in their subject.

Short, shallow, or duplicate content will all negatively affect your online visibility. If you can only provide limited information on a subject, search engines won’t see your content as relevant to consumer queries and won’t recognize you as an authority.

Your website’s content should provide information about your products or services in a way that’s relevant to consumer’s questions (based on your keyword research). Since many consumers only read what they can see without scrolling down, an SEO best practice is to answer their question in the first 150 words, follow with a call to action, and add supporting information below the fold. Remember — consumers that are ready to purchase or contact you will be looking for more information than someone who is just browsing, so don’t cut your content short.

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