3 Tips for Using Content in a Successful SEO Campaign

3 Tips for Using Content in a Successful SEO Campaign

Atlanta SEO CompanyA lot has changed regarding SEO strategies over the years — keyword stuffing, backlinks, and other black hat optimization tricks no longer fly. As search algorithms and crawler bots get more intelligent, successful SEOs campaigns rely on effective content to optimize for organic search and stay on the top of results pages.

It’s important to keep in mind that content that ranks, gets clicks, but doesn’t add value to the website viewer will result in high bounce rates and low conversion rates. An experienced Atlanta SEO company knows how to use high-quality content to drive search engine traffic while also engaging website visitors for a successful SEO campaign.

Here are three tips for using content in a successful SEO Campaign.

Define Your Company’s Goals

You determine the type of SEO content that’s best for your brand by first being clear about your goals. If you want to drive sales, appealing and informative product pages should be your first priority, supported by blog content about your products and their uses.

If the goal is to attract new visitors through search, rich content like long-form articles, videos, and infographics will keep users on your site longer and encourage them to come back for more.

Know Your Target Audience

No matter what form of content you write, make sure you’re writing for readers and not just search engine bots. When you publish useful and interesting content, it encourages social sharing and can even lead to others linking back to your content — a major perk in SEO campaigns.

Knowing your audience will also influence the type of content you publish. If you market to experienced executives, they’ll likely be more interested in downloadable, high-level white papers. If you have a millennial audience, videos, infographics, and engaging blogs will be a better strategy.

Your content should appeal to your audience’s interests and answer their questions. Avoid falling into the trap of only writing about your product or services, but do keep your content industry-related.

Find the Balancing in Publishing Too Much and Not Enough

Any SEO specialist will tell you that search engines love new content, but knowing what to publish and how often is harder than it may seem. If you post only once in a while, it’s going to have a negative effect on your search rankings. However, the same applies for adding new pages constantly for the sake of having fresh content. If it’s not adding value to the user experience, then it’s not helping your SEO campaign.

It’s important to regularly analyze your content to determine what’s working and what isn’t. Blueprint can help your business develop a winning strategy using content to reach new customers. Contact us today.

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