How Testing Different Videos Helps Your Business Reach Millennials

How Testing Different Videos Helps Your Business Reach Millennials

Atlanta Video Production Graphic | BlueprintA/B testing is proven to be a useful tool when it comes to video marketing.

For the fundamental reason that it allows businesses to test multiple video concepts simultaneously to understand what strategies work best for driving engagement and conversions.

To increase site traffic, reduce bounce rates, and maximize qualified conversions, A/B testing is a must.

Conduct A/B Testing to Maximize Video Results

When you provide videos on your professional website, it’s important to work with a credible Atlanta video production company that knows how to use the right strategies that maximize audience views, shares, and comments.

By working with an Atlanta video production company that conducts A/B testing, you can identify particular concepts and trends that help make your video marketing campaign successful.

Consider the following general A/B testing tips that every business should follow.

Test out Different Video Titles

Work with a video production company that knows how to test out different titles for the same video – short or long, generic or specific.

This will tell you which format attracts the most relevant visitors to your branded channel or website. Next, see how many online users clicked to view your video. The video that receives the most clicks will tell you how to move forward.

Test out Different Thumbnails

How you present your videos, and the type of thumbnails you use to introduce your content to new audiences have a significant impact on how they are received.

If your intended Millennial audience finds your thumbnail images to be misleading or unattractive, chances are they will bypass your content and select something from your competitors.

Working with an experienced Video production company in Atlanta allows you to understand what your audience finds attractive and engaging enough to click-through.

Test out the Ideal Length of Your Branded Videos

Learn what the ideal length of your videos should be by offering
two videos to your viewers that are similar in nature, but 10 to 30 seconds apart in timing.

Whichever video gets the most clicks and conversions will let you know what kind of attention span your target audience has.

Test out Different Video Introductions

Ask your Atlanta video production company to test two different introductions to related videos to see how bounce rate, clicks, and shares are affected.

Depending on the type of video you are creating or the product you’re highlighting, consider using humor in one video, while leaving the other one as is.

You can also try to provide some user-generated incentives that ask for immediate shares, while the other video positions this call-to-action at the end.

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