Lazy Panda is Rolling Over!

Lazy Panda is Rolling Over!

Lazy Panda and You | Blueprint Reward for great websites is here! Or is it a punishment for fooling Google?

After a long break from Google’s algorithm update, once again we are “welcoming” Panda update (4.2) to the search queries. It’s too early to know which sites will be affected directly due to the slow update. Even though we know that this update will only affect 2-3% of queries, we can’t tell for sure how much damage it will have compare to the earlier updates.

Panda 4.0 was a wake up call for most webmasters. SEO strategists learned their lesson after May’s Panda update which affected 7.5% of search queries.

Since then, there has been a lot of changes on SEO strategies including: adding high quality content, changes on link building strategies, the emphasis on local SEO and responsive sites, and focus on social media marketing to support SEO.

In general, webmasters have been creating different strategies to either recover from the big drop on search queries from the earlier Panda updates or making sure that their campaigns focus on user experience and align with Google’s algorithms.

No matter which position your website is, the new Panda algorithm will decide where you stand.

There is ongoing controversy about this update, leaving webmasters questioning whether this is a real update. Which raises the question: what makes this update so special? There is no clear information about its main focus other than it will only affect 2-3% of queries.

Since the launch of 4.2 update, we haven’t seen major changes (bad or good) on our clients’ websites, which will only explain two things: Either we are doing great job and Google loves us, or Google is digging up a huge hole that we won’t be able to see the light of the day again. The reality is that, it’s just too early to determine the effect of this update.

What you should do?

This roll out won’t be a problem for those who did not try to outsmart Google and only focus on providing the best websites possible while focusing on improving user experience. For now, we wait! Webmasters can only keep up the great work and hope for the best.

By: Naima