How Choosing the Right Designer is Like Ordering Fries

How Choosing the Right Designer is Like Ordering Fries

Choosing A Graphic Designer | Blueprint

Graphic designers and French fries come in all shapes and sizes. Freelancers, waffle fries, large agencies, curly fries…

There are many things to consider when choosing a designer to enter your “inner circle” and help create the vision that is in your head for your next digital marketing project.

Choosing the right designer plays a crucial role in getting the right results for the right price.

How To Choose A Graphic Designer

Not all graphic designers are the same. Every designer has a different set of skills, experience and style. Maybe you’ve been burnt in the past like that fry that is always found at the bottom of the bag. Follow these steps and you should have a better after taste when choosing a graphic designer for your next project.

Request A Portfolio

Every restaurant can claim that they have the best French fries, but how do you know if they are telling the truth? You could ask them to take a polygraph test, or you could try it for yourself. A designer can lie about their experience, but there is only one sure way to see if they are telling the truth: their portfolio.

As you examine their work, what should you look for?

Depth: Look at the depth of projects that they’ve worked on. Is this a one-off or an ongoing project? If you are able to understand the designer’s creative process, you will have a good gauge if they are right for your project.

Typography: Look at the fonts they used for each project. Some designers are one-trick ponies that are loyal to a certain font. Maybe they have a unique style or maybe they are a duplicator rather than an innovator.

A designer can blow you away with their portfolio, but if they don’t understand the client’s needs and the functionality behind their graphic decisions, you may be wasting your money.

Review Their Experience

Would you rather have a hot fry, or a fry that you buy in the frozen section of the grocery store? A designer can have a lot of experience, but if they are not up to date with industry trends and the latest technology, your campaign may be outdated.

Freedom Fries

In 2003, the French fries that were served in the US Congressional cafeteria were called “Freedom Fries” in response to France’s opposition to the proposed invasion of Iraq. A designer will always want creative freedom, but if they don’t understand the objective of the project and how a user will interact with your campaign, your fries may turn out soggy.

Value Fries Price

The most important thing when choosing a designer is price. If you asked a designer to design a McDonald’s french fry and they gave you the superior Chick-Fil-A waffle fry for the same price, would you complain? We all know that you get what you pay for; this expression, although commonplace, is certainly true for graphic design as well. You may get lucky and get an onion ring in your fries from Burger King, but what if you’re allergic to onion rings?

Selecting a designer purely based on price is unwise.

Fries, not Potatoes.

Every fast food establishment has that unique fry they are known for. Arby’s curly fries, Chick-Fil-A’s waffle fries, Wendy’s sea salt fries – these are just a few of the iconic fries. Your project may ask for a designer with skills like as diverse as a waffle fry, but they may actually be Steak-N-Shake skinny fry and not able to fulfill your requirements. You may ask for a large fry from the Golden Arch and end up with a bag overflowing like the fries served at Five Guys.

Always review a designer’s portfolio before making a decision. There are many “professional” photographers out there thanks to Instagram. Follow these steps and you should walk away a hot fry instead of a lumpy potato.

By: Aaron Ward