Boost Your Marketing with Paid Social Media Ads

Boost Your Marketing with Paid Social Media Ads

Social media is one of the most important online networks for businesses to maximize communications with the public; with great potential to reach future customers, current consumers, and other important business groups. Social media use for businesses ultimately influence company growth and push advancement when your community is active and engaged.

Why Use Paid Social Media Ads | Blueprint

Paid social ads were once thought to be taboo since the premise of social media was to share original, organic stories among personal connections.

However, as businesses have adopted social media accounts to share more transparency and storytelling, social media platforms have become fair game for all types of messaging, including paid or sponsored ads in addition to regular posting and updates.

4 Reasons To Use Paid Social Media Ads

When drumming up your next quarter’s marketing plans, paid ads should be a part of your strategy.

Not convinced? Below are 4 reasons why paid social media ads should have your attention:

1. Reach More of Facebook’s 1.44 Billion Monthly Active Users

Facebook’s promoted ads can expose you to the right portion of the network’s 900 million daily active users. With fully customized options such as targeted locations, age groups, interests and other qualifiers, your ads can reach the right demographic and increase traffic to your website and improve sales. Facebook is a powerful tool that can yield great results in a small timeframe when executed well.

2. Tell Stories About Your Brand and Company

Paid ads integrated into a thoughtful content marketing strategy can be a great foundation to teach and share about your company. Plan videos, blogs, infographics, white papers or other engaging content to tell more about your company’s founding, celebrate company advancements or show your expertise relative to current business needs your audience may be inquiring about. Implement SEO keyword research for your products and services to figure out which topics are most relevant to your community.

3. Increase Visibility and Engagement

Are you trying to get your followers up? No problem. Paid ads on almost all social networks including Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIN (and for a select few, Instagram) have the opportunity to increase your community. Offer an incentive, helpful information or even a coupon to entice users to your page and allow your following to increase. Maintain the page with well-written and thoughtful content and your paid ads will prove its ROI while becoming an automatic win-win for your business and fans.

4. Paid Social Ads Follow Your Budget

Social ads are priced per impression (how many people viewed your ad), or per click (how many users clicked or interacted with your ad). Depending on your campaign goals, your ad price can vary, but you set the range for the price you plan to spend. With social ads, you can run a campaign for $5, $500 or $5,000 and sleep well knowing the campaign won’t go over budget. Watch the results in your network’s ad panel and make adjustments as you go to manipulate results.

Start Your Social Ad Campaign Today

Think ahead this summer and fall and consider paid social ads into your marketing strategy. Digital tools are available for business owners of all sizes and industries to help grow your business and reach more people. Get online, get engaged and start making your advertising dollars work harder for you.

By: Chuniq Inpower
  • Patrick Price

    This is amazing! Sorry for the excitement! Paid social media ads got me hundreds of more likes, comments and followers by posting these social media ads which helped the ultimate cause when i was a broadcast journalist. You never realize how many users actually use Facebook each day and how many see your posts without ad’s but with ad’s your reach explodes!

    I can’t tell you how many times I met and responded to viewers who say they saw me from a Facebook ad on the sidebar of their Facebook page or embedded in their timeline. What a great way to build your customer base and your overall product/service! This is sure to be a hit Chuniq! Thanks for sharing!

  • Naima

    Very informative article for businesses? Most businesses are already taking advantage of social media platforms, but very few businesses use social ads. Great job explaining why businesses should invest in paid social media ads.

  • Elizabeth Weaver

    Since joining the Blueprint team, I’ve learned a great deal about the incredible powers of social media. It’s amazing how many people can be reached via some of the tools we use every single day. Thanks for sharing these tips, Chuniq. Paid social ads, when used correctly, add that much more potential to a business’s social strategy. Businesses, and even individuals, should follow this guide. Great stuff!

    • Aaron Ward

      “Paid social ads, when used correctly, add that much more potential to a business’s social strategy.” Well said Liz.

      Many people are currently running ads, but aren’t creating the ads to target the audience that they desire. Infographics are a great way to gain links that increase your domain authority. Social Ads are a great way to test what your audience responds to. The only downside is that once you turn an ad on, you can’t turn them off. If that occurs, your ads are targeting the right audience and you are “in the black.”

  • Thanks for your insights. Social channels offer such powerful segmentation and targeting, that it seems foolish not to invest some budget into social ad campaigns.

  • Samantha Torres

    Social ads are extremely effective, but don’t miss the ultimate goal. Companies will need to develop targeted landing pages from these social media campaigns that drive consumers to take an action, whether that’s sign up for a newsletter, share content or contact the brand. Successful social campaigns mean nothing unless motivating content and reception are ready for the increased awareness.

    • Chuniq Inpower

      Absolutely! Social is just a piece, where a complete campaign will ultimately direct your consumers to the desired actions you want to occur. No one marketing piece can happen independently, its all interrelated.

  • Adam Baxter

    Paid social ads are one if the coolest forms of advertising out there. They’re intuitive, cost efficient, and effective. Its rarely a risk, just because of the control and insights you have available to you. Great job breaking this down, Chuniq!

    • Chuniq Inpower

      The control and insights is a great way to learn (trial by fire, if you will) what works for your business and what doesn’t. This should take some of the pressure off owners to at give it a try on their own or get more familiar with how their agency is using these tools.

  • Soletia Owens

    This is a great article. For someone like, myself who is learning the behind the scenes of social media, knowing what works, what your audiences and potential clients are looking for is an essential tool for building your ROI. This article will come in handy when putting my social media knowledge to use. Thanks!

  • Thanks for keeping transparency and authentic content top of mind in your post. Paid social media ads offer a low cost way for businesses to reach their target audience. However, if the content of the ad isn’t relevant, potential customers are less likely to engage the company or brand.

  • Jeff Cline

    More than just gaining new customers as a sales tool, social can be one of the greatest engagement tools post sale for advertising and word of mouth referral from raving fans of your product or service. Building targeted ads and audiences have vastly advanced the possibilities of social platforms for advertising. Good stuff Chuniq.

  • Victoria Vener

    I feel like paid social ads are only taboo because so many companies don’t really understand how to tap into their true potential. The quality of the content included in paid social ads and the quality of the content they lead to is vital to their success as a conversion tool. Just as you said, make paid social ads a part of your brand story.

  • The real beauty of Social Advertising is found in point 4. Its budgetary flexibility is a great equalizer for the small to mid sized business; even more so, a great social ad campaign can do way more for way less than a great AdWords campaign. A high audience IQ–proper research on who you are talking to even more than what you are saying–is paramount to driving CPM/CPC costs down to pennies. But, those pennies will do more for your business than ole Honest Abe himself.

  • John

    Well I’m sold. With such a massive user-base spread across the various social platforms, and tools to give you a solid way to measure ROI, companies that don’t use social are missing out.

  • Joshua Bains

    Social ads are a great slice of your marketing meatloaf; but they only convert to leads and paying customers if you have every step of your funnel defined.