There is always something to learn…

There is always something to learn…

There is always something to learn… While it is true for most of us, it is almost mandatory for web designers and developers. We have to stay on top of every possible new code, new design, new wave. Technology improves hourly and if we don’t improve with it, then we fall behind.

There are tons of blogs, tutorials sites, and other free resources available on the internet for anyone wanting to learn about the design and development of websites. However, free stuff is not always good and vise versa. If you want something formal but you don’t want to go to school for it, then the following site is a great resource: is what we use in Blueprint to train, develop and stay on top of the wave. It is one of the largest premium tutorial sites for software, business, and creative topics. Only for $25/month, you get an unlimited access to all of the materials, making it a good deal for anyone who wants constant access to new learning materials.

Additional recourses are also available, some for free and some not so much:

Google Developers University Consortium
Don’t Fear the Internet
P2PU’s School of Webcraft
Code School
Why (Poignant) Guide to Ruby
Tuts+Premium Courses
Timothy Training
iTunes U
Academy Earth
Web Standards Curriculum

These sites allow you to gain a valuable knowledge with more direction and detail and without the cost of a formal education. Continue to educate yourself because there is always something to learn…


By: Lilit Martinrosyan

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