4 Ways to Integrate a Facebook Ads Campaign into your Social Media Content Plan

4 Ways to Integrate a Facebook Ads Campaign into your Social Media Content Plan

4 Ways to Integrate Facebook Ads into Your Social Media Content Plan | BlueprintFacebook Ad Campaigns are revolutionizing the way digital marketers conduct business. Through the ability to target highly relevant audiences, Facebook helps businesses achieve brand visibility in a way that SEO or PPC never could. Social Media Marketing and Facebook’s Ad platform allow marketers to select the most appropriate combination of segmentation factors, including demographics, interests, or behaviors, and send advertising messages directly to that target market.

In addition to precise targeting, Facebook allows users to select Ad Campaign Objectives and adjust campaign-specific settings that work in tandem with effective targeting. The unique situation of your business largely dictates the most effective campaign objective, targeting approach, and scheduling parameters. However, by abiding by these simple guidelines, you can integrate Facebooks Ads into your Social Media Content Plan and execute effective Social Media Marketing.

Boost Posts that are Engaging New Audiences

All too often, the Boost Post feature is used ineffectively. Instead, marketers must decide strategically how much and when to spend in order to maximize their resources. In a recent campaign we ran at Blueprint, an unpaid Facebook post regarding a product giveaway ignited unexpected engagement levels. The post reached a large audience and we boosted the post to leverage the momentum. By the 7th hour of the campaign, we were receiving 9-10 messages every minute! In the end, we spent $350 but generated over 8,000 new fans and received 9,000 messages, before crashing Facebook’s Messaging system.

Target Interests and Share Content to Promote your Products

By targeting specific interests, digital marketers can introduce and promote their products to a distinct and specific audience. Our talented team of Social Media Community Managers will tell you that routinely sharing and posting organic content is essential. However, we believe in pushing the most relevant content to consumers that have a high interest in these topics. By targeting audiences with engaging, relevant content, marketers position their brand to more effectively promote their products.

Create Custom Audiences from your Current Customers

When planning a Facebook Ads Campaign, it’s often most effective to build off your existing customer base. Facebook allows digital marketers to use various methods to create Custom Audiences – specific groups saved inside Facebook’s Power Editor and Ad Manager. By providing a data file of customer emails or placing a Facebook Pixel on your website pages, you can generate a list of consumers that can be reached more effectively with subsequent marketing efforts. Often, reaching these preexisting customers is very effective because they’ve already reached out to you, letting you know they’re interested in your company and what it has to offer.

Create Lookalike Audiences from Others Who Already Love your Company

In addition to creating Custom Audiences of email subscribers or fans (and, just recently, Facebook added the ability to create an audience based on how they’ve engaged with specific pieces of content), Facebook offers the ability to create Lookalike Audiences – unique consumer groups that share similar demographics, interests, or behaviors with a custom or saved audience you’ve created. Custom audiences can generate more qualified leads because they market to an audience that exhibits behavior similar to past consumers. Though creating a Lookalike Audience requires a preexisting customer base, this feature reduces some of the tedious work of determining the right audience.

As more marketers flood the system, Facebook Ads are continuing to evolve. Yet, many marketers still seem to ignore Facebook Advertising in their Social Media Marketing Strategy. Integrating a well thought out Social Media paid strategy with more traditional Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click efforts help yield surprisingly beneficial results. The wealth of information provided by Facebook and its data partners enable concise, data-driven advertising campaigns, with a projectable ROI. Contact Blueprint to find out how our Social Media Consultants can help you through coaching or managing your company’s Facebook marketing campaigns.

By: Jeff Abramovitz