3 Ways to Increase Enrollment with Digital Marketing

3 Ways to Increase Enrollment with Digital Marketing

3 Ways to Increase Enrollment with Digital Marketing | Blueprint Private school marketing is no easy feat, as it requires time, resources, and money that isn’t always readily available. Although traditional marketing through brochures and attending local events can still work, promoting your school online is the fastest way to get more students.

If keeping a low budget is a primary concern for you, you can stay relevant online without spending a lot. On the other hand, if you have flexibility with your budget, the digital space proves to be an excellent opportunity to capture new leads.

Here are three ways to bring in more students through digital marketing:

1.    Pay Per Click Marketing

This type of advertising, otherwise known as PPC, is a great way to capture the attention of potential families. The benefit for you? PPC marketing is highly conversional and drives traffic to your page.

The beauty of PPC campaigns is your ads will only show to parents who are actively looking for a new education program for their child. This style of marketing, called inbound, results in much higher conversion rates because by conducting the relevant, the user has already identified themselves as a likely lead.

Carefully researched key terms hone in on your specific audience, pushing your ad to the most likely searcher looking for a private school. With well-written ads, they’ll speak directly to searchers’ needs and encourage them to visit your website.

2.    Search Engine Marketing

If you’re not ready to invest into PPC ads but want to increase traffic to a specific page on your site, search engine marketing may be your next course of action. With 63,000 search queries every second, or 5.5 billion in a day, you have a great opportunity to reach prospective parents.

To boost one of your pages in a SERP, you’ll need to ensure that your site aligns with best practices through efficient code and content that speaks to your audience. This isn’t an easy process or one that can be learned overnight. However, with help from a digital marketing agency, you’ll see an exponential growth in traffic and with it, more enrollees.

3.    Social Media Marketing

Reaching prospective families on social media requires a completely different strategy than PPC or search engine marketing. For the latter methods, users are already searching for private school-related topics. With social media, however, your posts must be powerful enough to interrupt users who aren’t necessarily seeking the information you’re offering at that time.

There are two ways to approach marketing on social: organic and paid. For organic, you post content as often as you like from your school’s account that will appear in roughly 1-2% of your fans’ feeds. Paid social media are the ads you see that say, “Sponsored Ad”.

With the amount of targeting based on demographics, location, and interests, you can carefully select exactly who you want to see your ads. This is why knowing your target audience is critical for a successful paid social campaign.

Because you’re strapped for time and resources, we know that taking on private school marketing can be overwhelming. At Blueprint, we support all the digital marketing services discussed.

We would be happy to serve as an arm of your team and take your digital marketing to the next level. Call us today at 770-817-9560 to see how we can help you drive higher enrollment.

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