Penguin 4: It's Here

Penguin 4: It's Here

On May 22, 2013, Matt Cutts and the Google Web Spam team rolled out the fourth Penguin Algorithm Update. This update targeted paid backlinks, blog networks, blog commenting, fake guest blogging, and other SEO spam. This algorithm update went much deeper than any previous update of it’s kind, effecting more search results than the 1st Penguin Algorithm Update did over a year ago. Even though this was the fourth iteration of the Penguin Update, it was referred to as “Penguin 2.0” internally by Google because of the size and far reaching effects it would have.

The goal set for the Penguin updates by the Google Web Spam team was to penalize and remove from the Search Engine Result Pages, any untrustworthy sites that produced spammy back links and the sites that benefitted from these “Black Hat” techniques. Unfortunately, this also penalized many sites who had unknowingly shady work done by previous SEO companies or did their own SEO work without knowing the future consequences of their actions.

One of the things that the SEO team here at Blueprint strives for is to create unique, relevant, and original content that users will actually read. We feel that this approach always puts us and our clients in the good graces of Google. We are continuing to modify and expand our SEO offerings to better help our clients succeed. Our past and current SEO work for our clients was not affected by this update, however newer clients that are came from SEO companies that did use these tactics were affected.

Fortunately for our current and perspective clients, we have a time tested and proven method of helping sites recover from these disruptive updates. Our team of specialists have the tools and experience to review and analyze your back link profile. By doing this we can see how your site was affected by Penguin and then begin with the necessary measures to increase your visibility in Google.

By: Blueprint