How Local Businesses Can Compete with Large Brands Using SEO

How Local Businesses Can Compete with Large Brands Using SEO

How Local Businesses Can Compete with Large Brands Using SEO | Blueprint Does the thought of your local business competing with large brands’ marketing seems outlandish? Think again. Working with an experienced Atlanta SEO company can give you the upper hand. They have firsthand experience when it comes to achieving premier keyword rankings and attracting local online customers to your business.

Read these tips if you want your marketing efforts to stand up against big-box retailers.

A More Educated, Localized Consumer

Today’s online consumers are deeply connected to the Internet regardless of their location, interests, or the type of device they own. This type of connectivity has created more educated consumers who tend to research companies and services online before converting into paying customers.

In fact, the following information highlights just how today’s online consumer behaves before making a purchase:

  • 70%-80% of buyers ignore paid ads and click on organic listings
  • “Near me” interest searches have multiplied 34x since 2014
  • 94% of smartphone users search for location information
  • 51% of mobile local searches result in a store visit
  • 48% of mobile local searches called a store

SEO Caters to the Local Customers

There are a variety of SEO services and tactics to elevate local businesses ahead of large brands. Here are a few of the more prominent concepts an Atlanta SEO company would leverage:

  • Creating multiple, relevant social media profiles that are optimized with your business’s most important information e.g. name, contact, location.
  • Developing optimized online citations and directories like Yelp, Google, and Whitepages.
  • Implementing forms of structured data to populate information directly within search listings, such as product type, name, industry, services, and reviews.
  • Publishing content that is optimized with your business’s name, location, and description.

When local customers come across your company in search results while on their phone, they are more likely to call you to ask a question or schedule a consultation. Right from their device, they can map directions to make a visit to your physical location.

No matter how big or small the company, optimizing for local searches will match qualified prospective customers with your services and help strengthen your local presence.

SEO Pays Off over Time

Today’s online consumers want to engage with local businesses that provide fresh content, positive recent reviews, and are active throughout the social media world. It’s more important than ever to provide updated citations, solicit new customer reviews, attract quality links, and publish regular social media posts.

Building an active SEO campaign will maximize local visibility, traffic, and revenue, helping you beat out big-box retailers. Call the experts at Blueprint today at 770-817-9560 to learn how we can help elevate your business’s online presence.

As Atlanta’s most experienced SEO company, we have helped hundreds of local businesses achieve premier keyword rankings, attract more relevant consumers to their site, and increase their monthly revenue. See how we can help your business overcome large brands within organic search results. Contact us today to get started.

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