How a Poorly Designed Mobile Site is Hindering Your Business’s Success

How a Poorly Designed Mobile Site is Hindering Your Business’s Success

We’ve all selected a website from out smartphones that was either outdated, extremely slow to load, or was poorly designed.

For most online consumers, this experience can be frustrating and time-consuming since it usually forces us to start our search over again.

For Atlanta’s small business owners, there are a variety of ways that a well-designed mobile website can improve your credibility with online consumers, while a poorly designed site has the potential to send new customers to your competition.

To create a profitable mobile website that allows your small business to attract new audiences regardless of the smartphone they use, contact a professional Atlanta website design like Blueprint for help.

Consequences of Poorly Designed Mobile Sites

Professional mobile websites that are poorly designed often have a few characteristics in common.

If you’re designing or redesigning your small business’s mobile website, the designers at Blueprint can help you avoid the following common mishaps:

Using A Bloated Navigation System

If you have ever tried to locate information or services through a navigation menu that was too large to use easily from your smartphone, you know just how quick you were to hit the back button.

Consumers are confronted with new navigation designs every day, so they feel comfortable shopping from businesses that provide an interface that they can use seamlessly and effortlessly.

The key to creating a great navigation system for your business’s mobile site is successfully balancing the number of links you provide with the intentions of your target audience.

Built Without SEO In Mind

Designing a mobile website without SEO in mind creates the risk of tanking your site’s load time, while also suffering from poor organic visibility.

A professional mobile site that is filled with large images, excessive JavaScript, or structural SEO flaws (e.g. missing accelerated mobile pages, incorrect markup), can prevent you from reaching potential customers who are ready to invest in services but can’t find your business.

Allowing Inconsistencies to Exist Throughout Your Design

Studies show that consumers are likely to leave a website that contains inconsistencies throughout their design.

Using different layouts as consumers try to navigate through your mobile website, multiple sets of fonts, icons, and typography creates a confusing, unnerving experience for customers.

Conversely, mobile sites that incorporate familiar color schemes offer relevant visuals on every landing page, and provide a sense of stability are helpful for enticing consumers to move further down the intended path of conversion.

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