How Your Business Can Use Video to Connect With Millennials

How Your Business Can Use Video to Connect With Millennials

Atlanta Video Production Millennial Video Statistic | BlueprintMillennials are completely in tune with their intrinsic value as consumers and are often persuaded by marketing campaigns that provide meaning to their lives.

Their purchase decisions are heavily influenced by digital content as over 80 percent of all Millennials conduct an online transaction when there is a promotional or educational video available to view.

Fortunately, business owners have access to channels that help them customize video experiences to better connect with Millennials. Such channels allow you to give Millennials direct control of their online experiences and create custom outcomes based on their intentions and reactions to particular stimuli.

Personalized Video Content Drive Millennial Conversions

Partnering with an experienced Atlanta video production company can help you create personalized content that establishes a connection with online Millennial consumers, encourages them to share your content with other like-minded users, and gets them to convert into loyal customers.

Here are two ways a video production company like Blueprint can create a personalized video content strategy that increases your online reach and revenue.

Leverage Popular Material and Provide Options

One way businesses are using video content is by incorporating familiar material directly within the ad – keeping Millennials connected to a meaningful experience rather than pushing them out to a subdomain or third-party website.

Adding features like social media share icons, store locators, and product samples provide immediate value, while also creating a tangible experience that Millennials can engage with.

Bringing your business’s intended experience directly to Millennials, and not the opposite, puts your target audience directly in control over what they want to see, as well as how they can choose to respond.

Create Custom Messages to Engage Niche Interests

Millennials crave personalized content and are much more likely to respond to messages that speak to their unique needs, than those that offer general themes.

Creating customized video content that speaks to niche interests helps businesses improve their awareness among audiences that are likely to share your content with other like-minded consumers. This helps increase qualified conversions, while also establishing loyal connections with online Millennials.
If your business utilizes retargeting tools, you can provide a video that speaks to Millennials who previously researched a particular service that relates to your business, embed a compelling call-to-action around a unique, relevant offer, and provide a store locator that shows them exactly where they can get what they want.

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