How Your Business Can Use Social Media Feedback to Cater to Millennials

How Your Business Can Use Social Media Feedback to Cater to Millennials

Atlanta SEO Company Millennials Social Statistic | BlueprintEvery smart business understands the importance of investing time and energy in providing superior customer service.

When your customers aren’t satisfied with the experience your company offers, it can quickly get out of hand considering the number of potential consumers that can be affected through social media.

According to research conducted by Zendesk, 95 percent of U.S. Millennials share their poor experiences with others through social media. When this statistic is connected to the fact that 44 percent of Millennial consumers switch to a competitor following a poor experience, one act of arrogance or a simple dismissal of one client can cascade into a disaster.

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Social Media Monitoring for Millennial Consumers

Millennials enjoy working with businesses that provide unique, seamless experiences and allow personal control over individual purchasing decisions.

Unlike past generations, Millennials want quick, efficient service that can be managed through digital mediums. This is where your company’s social media profiles come in, as Facebook and Twitter can serve as powerful tools for staying connected to your Millennial base.

Here are a few ways that businesses throughout Atlanta can leverage their social media profiles to offer personalized experiences and help keep you in aware of what your Millennial base wants.

Use Social Media to Create Dialogue, Respond to Individual Needs

Millennials often turn to a company’s social profiles for help resolving personal dilemmas.

Because they value efficiency and personal attention, business owners should be prepared to respond to any social post within an hour to avoid losing the customer to a competitor.

With this, business owners can use their social media profiles to stay connected to their Millennial customer base and provide unique answers that directly resolve each’s concern; both of which helps develop the type of personalized relationship Millennials crave.

Use Social Media to humanize your Business

More than any other generation, Millennials prefer to work with companies that invest in and provide support to their community.

You can create a positive reputation for your business and show how active you are within your community by using social media to display various acts of goodwill. Posting images of your employees participating in a 5k for charity, publishing video testimonials that speak to your company’s impact on the community, and asking your Millennial audience to share their experiences are all excellent ways to humanize your business, while also creating meaningful engagement.

Use Social Media to Give Millennials Influence over your Business

One of the primary components of customer service is asking for – and listening to – feedback.

Since Millennials prefer to work with businesses that make them feel involved and important, consider offering polls on your Facebook page that encourages open dialogue around how your company can improve.

If there seems to be an overwhelming response to a single issue or concept, consider offering a video response that either shows Millennials how they can resolve a particular problem or how your company will make precise adjustments based on their feedback.

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