Beam Your Sketches to the Cloud

Beam Your Sketches to the Cloud

Moleskin Notebook | Blueprint

Every great design starts with a sketch.

The creative process begins on a piece of paper or even on a napkin. Moleskine has evolved paper by condensing the creative process to a few steps, saving time and money.

The Moleskine creative Smart Notebook will turn your hand-drawn sketches into fully workable digital files.

Paper Has Evolved

Moleskine has partnered with Adobe to create the first notebook that will turn your hand-drawn sketches into fully workable vector files. These files will be accessible within the Adobe Creative Cloud. You will now be able to draw on any page in the Moleskine notebook and capture your image using the free iPhone companion app.

About Moleskine

Moleskine is a cardboard-bound notebook with an elastic band to hold the notebook closed.

Developed in Milan, Italy, in 1997, Moleskine notebooks offer a tactile experience unlike any other notebook that is on the market. Moleskine notebooks have a sewn spine that allows them to lie flat when opened. Ivory- colored paper, round corners, a ribbon mark and an expandable pocket inside the rear cover are just a few of the unique feature that you will find when you open up a Moleskine notebook.

Moleskine production includes notebooks, planners, diaries, sketchbooks, and albums.

The Napkin Sketch

Space Needle | Blueprint

In 1959, an artist named Edward E. Carlson was sitting in a coffee shop brainstorming a futuristic structure that would represent the 1962 World’s Fair. Edward reached for a napkin as he drew a rectangle connected to an oval. This sketch became the blueprint for the internationally known symbol for Seattle, the Space Needle.

The Cab Ride Sketch

Crime was at an all time high in New York during the 1970s.

I Love NY Sketch | Blueprint

After President Ford denied federal assistance to save the city from bankruptcy, tourism was at an all time low.

In an effort to spark tourism, the city of New York started a campaign with the slogan “I Love New York.” A jingle and a commercial were created but a logo was lacking. The Department of Economic Development met with a designer named Milton Glaser to solve their logo issue.

Milton pulled out a crumbled piece of paper of a sketch that he created in the back of a taxicab. This sketch is one of the most widely distributed and imitated images in the world. Milton Glaser created the logo pro-bono in an effort to bring money back into the struggling iron jungle.


What all of these iconic images have in common is that they were first designed on spare pieces of paper, which were never meant for the task.

I Love NY | Blueprint

The archaic process of scanning a drawing and then vectoring the lines of your sketch will become extinct if you use a Moleskine Smart Notebook. Each page of the notebook has print markings on the corners of the pages to help translate the sketches into usable vectors.

The special alignment indicators will reduce the chance of distortion or skewed angles even if you are not able to get a perfect head-on capture with your iPhone’s camera. Both a .jpg and an .svg files will be converted and waiting for you in the cloud to use in either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

What if you are not a Creative Thinker?

Moleskine has another product that allows users to take a photo with the Evernote Page Camera and their writing will become instantly digital. The Evernote Smart Notebook retails for $24.95.

Other Drawing Options

Many designers chose to start sketching using a digital process.

Whether that is on a tablet or on a desktop. This requires a power source and a data connection. The Moleskine Smart Notebook does not require any battery power to function. For only $33 you will now be able to work offsite with out a power source creating ideas that can change the world.


Inspiration can spark at any time, whether you are sitting in the back of a taxicab or drinking a cup of coffee. Creative thinkers will use any materials available to sketch out their ideas.

The Moleskine Smart Notebook will allow creative thinkers to focus on their ideas when they are offline or in transit. Your sketch will be waiting for you when you return back at your workplace.

Unfortunately, this app only works on iPhones. It does not require battery power, a data connection or an investment greater than $33. You can preorder the Moleskine Notebook now. An informative video that demonstrates the potential uses of this notebook.Moleskin App | Blueprint

By: Aaron Ward
  • Caroline Ripa

    So many designers and creative people come up with ideas when they are out and about and pull out notebooks and sketchpads to jot down their thoughts and ideas. The new feature of having the app turn the sketch into a vector file and have it automatically uploaded to Creative Cloud is genius! I’m very excited to see how this works for designers and to try it out for myself one day.

    • Elizabeth Weaver

      I agree with Caroline. So easily can we pull out our mobile devices nowadays and jot down ideas in text form but I’m loving that this technology is catering more towards those who express themselves better with visuals. I can see this concept being useful not only for designers but also those who simply want to convey a message in a different form. Great post, Aaron!

  • Alfredo J. Rodriguez

    I know in my experience as a creative writer that having a notebook handy is a necessity! What matters to me most however, is that I can use the ‘sketch’ of a piece to build a better, edited piece on my computer.

    While I applaud the ingenuity of the Smart Notebook, I wonder if it will serve to stifle creativity in the process. Will designers and writers be happy with their first attempt at creation, or will they use it as a building block towards more aspirational creative works?

  • Adam Baxter

    That is really cool. I’ve tried sketching digitally with wacom tablets n’ such, but nothing beats a well sharpened pencil and a piece of paper. I love the historic references too!

  • Chuniq Inpower

    As a writer I keep a pen and paper around at all times, I can only imagine the creative urgency for graphical types to release a moment of creative inspiration. I definitely learned a few things about Moleskine here. I bet Milton would have wished he was cut a check for the I <3 NYC logo! Simple, but very catchy idea.

  • Samantha Torres

    Wow! What an awesome new product. I’ve only dabbled in design and I know how much of a time saver this could be if it works well! Have you had a chance to try it to see how well it converts over? It’d be very cool to see this in action.

  • Naima

    This is a great product! I remember taking pictures of my notes and sketches just to have a digital copy for my records. Moleskine will make transferring information very easy and increase productivity for different businesses. I can’t wait to use it!