Website Migration: Easy Steps

Website Migration: Easy Steps

Recently, I have started learning about website migrations. It is not a terribly complicated process, yet it requires some familiarity with computer networks, domain names system functionalities, and most importantly, discipline and attention to detail.

In a company like Blueprint, we develop websites in one place, where we make the new websites or redesign existing ones, test them, and make them live, which requires website file and database transformations.

Now, a website migration can be a quite complicated matter. It is not simply transferring files from one cPanel to another. The steps of website migration are as follows:

1.First, we need to back up all the files located on the development or existing server (server that has the live site on it). This is an absolutely necessary precaution because everything and anything can happen during the transition, and the last thing we want is to damage the files or, which is even worse, to lose them with no option of recovery.
2.Not, we can start the transfer process. Here, we will be uploading new website files and new databases, if such exist. This step takes quite a bit of time and many complicated and not so cumbersome things happen, about which I will not speak in this post at this time. However, it is good to remember that after all the files are moved over and connected with the databases, we have only one more thing to do.
3.The last thing to do is to change the name servers. The old name server need to be replaced with the one which has the new site, and we are done!

Of course, there are more details to consider in each and every step of the migration. And if you would like to know more about them, I will be writing more about this process in more detail.

By: Lilit Martinrosyan

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