How to Use SEO to Optimize Your Website for Millennials

How to Use SEO to Optimize Your Website for Millennials

Within the next few years, Millennials will comprise of roughly half of the United States workforce.

What this means for local businesses is that our traditional forms of marketing, adverting, and selling are going to change based on how Millennials respond to content, as well as convert into online customers.

Millennials have different expectations and standards for marketing than past generations. For this reason, small businesses must begin to transition their websites from stagnant professional portfolios to image-based experiences that evoke emotion.

So what can you do to help connect your professional website to Millennials who are yearning for customized content?

Partnering with an experienced Atlanta SEO company is a must considering the level of detail and volume of resources it takes to attract Millennials through organic search listings successfully.

Here are a few of the ways that Blueprint’s strategists use SEO to attract new Millennial customers to small businesses.

Create Optimized, Mobile-Friendly Websites

In 2016, approximately 83 percent of Millennials owned a smartphone.

Millennials use their mobile devices for more than just making phone calls. Smart phones have become the primary source of most social interactions and research for Millennial consumers.

Millennials also predominantly use their smartphones to conduct online transactions.

As a small business, it is imperative that your website is optimized to be mobile friendly so that Millennials can discover and engage with your site as quickly as possible.

If your professional site is not compatible with smart phones, you risk missing out on the opportunities that are presented by Millennial consumers, who will otherwise become frustrated and select services from your competitors.

Make Your Content Easy to Review

Millennials also have a different way of browsing webpages than other demographics.

Millennials scan through web pages intentionally looking for particular references that help them understand what forms of information are meaningful to their needs, opposed to details that are a waste of their time.

Because they are research oriented, they tend to scan through landing pages quickly. Behaving this way helps Millennials understand whether or not the information on a particular landing page directly relates to their intention.

Understanding Millennial behavior around online research should affect the way that you create digital content.

There are certain tactics you can use to make your professional site more scannable. When working with an SEO company like Blueprint to create content, our experienced strategists incorporate details that help capture user attention and provide an immediate experience that satisfies search intentions.

These details include:

• Using bold headlines that define each paragraph
• Using bullet points
• Writing shorter paragraphs (one to three sentences)
• Writing your first paragraph sentence in bold font

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