New Office Pet

New Office Pet

This week we welcomed a new web development intern at Blueprint. Native to Southeast Asia, Jaime has found a new home in Atlanta. Jaime is a Twin Tail Halfmoon Betta.

This genus of freshwater fish have the ability to breathe atmospheric air at the water’s surface, which enables them to thrive in low-oxygen water conditions such as slow moving streams, shallow ponds, and large puddles. Because of this ability, they are able to survive without expensive filtration systems and air pumps in home aquariums.

Their natural environments often offer few choices of food, so bettas are perfectly adapted to resource-limited environments. While in human care, they typically eat small edible pellets consisting of crude protein, lipids, and vitamins. The fish require a small feeding once a day to every other day, but are well adapted to less frequent feedings. Reducing feedings also keeps the water clear and clean of nitrates, decreasing aquarium maintenance. All betta species are small in size, averaging about 2 inches in length. Their small size, simple diet, and unique physiology make them perfectly suitable for life in the big city of Atlanta.

Jaime’s brilliant blue hue, curious disposition, and aquarium environment add color and vibrance to the office. J’aime Jaime.

By: Sarah

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