How Split Testing Can Help You Send the Right Message to Millennials

How Split Testing Can Help You Send the Right Message to Millennials

Atlanta SEO Company Computer Message | BlueprintEnsuring that you can maximize the opportunity presented with new leads derived from various digital channels is based on your ability to conduct A/B testing.

Generating leads from social media, creating segmented e-mails that contain catchy subject lines, and running automated paid campaigns are not guaranteed solutions for achieving success or increasing online revenue.

Working with an experienced Atlanta SEO Company that can conduct multiple split-tests around potential PPC landing pages allows you to fulfill particular gaps that ultimately help increase the return on your investment.

A/B Testing for Better Results

A/B testing may seem like it adds more complexities to your existing digital marketing campaign, but it helps reduce time and creates more streamlined paid campaigns that can achieve higher conversions.

A/B Split Tests for Targeted E-mail Campaign

To entice consumers to open, engage, and respond to your targeted e-mail campaigns, businesses need to partner with an Atlanta SEO company that can:

• Segment your e-mail lists into two specific groups (control vs. variant) based on all known interests, demographics, and incomes of the intended audiences
• Track results based on impressions, open rates, views, click-through-rates, and conversions or returns
• Accumulate and interpret results to understand best e-mail format to utilize
• Continuously refine segments to deliver the most tailored messages that attract the highest conversions

A few areas of split testing optimization that support higher returns for business owners include:

Personalization vs. No Personalization

Customizing your subject line allows you to provide specific names and other forms of personal information that speak directly to each recipient’s interests, past experiences, or current needs.

Allowing an Atlanta SEO company to conduct split-testing around new paid or targeted campaigns give you the chance to test out your ideas and deliver the best possible results.

Long vs. Short Subject Lines

In general, short subject lines often deliver better results regarding open rates and responses.

However, it is still important to test out the length of your subject lines to determine what’s ideal for your niche audience.

You may find out that your subject lines are not providing your potential customers with enough information that allows them to feel confident to convert or interested in learning more.

Optimizing Your Call-To-Actions

Your call-to-actions are what influence your niche lists to respond.

Working with an experienced SEO company in Atlanta to test out the call-to-actions within your segmented lists allows you to understand if you are promoting the right offers or using the correct language to encourage consumer reaction

The strategists at Blueprint can test your emails to see how:

• Action words
• Unique offers (i.e. “Coupon A” vs. “Coupon B”)
• Call-to-action positioning (i.e. “Top right corner” vs. “End of text”)

affect your campaign and drive more results.

Call Blueprint to Learn More about the Benefits of A/B Testing and to Increase Immediate Conversions

A/B testing is a critical component of any business’s email marketing campaign.

Without being able to understand the gaps that exist in your paid and targeted campaigns, you will not be able to achieve the type of results your business deserves.

Speak with an experienced strategist today to see how we can bring your e-mail and PPC campaigns to the next level.

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