Social Media of Summer 2014

Social Media of Summer 2014

Leading up to the summer of 2014 there has been a lot of talk online about what is going to become popular on social media. From what I have read and what I have seen personally here are some of my predictions.

Location Boom

Location technology has been getting big and is only getting bigger for the summer of 2014. Businesses have been pushing check-ins through promotions. Clubs have been offering discounted covers for people who check-in on various social networks like Facebook or foursquare. This trend has caught on and now it’s becoming more and more common to post where you are.

Social Searching


Facebook’s “Grid” feature is being rolled out this summer. This feature lets users better search for specifics items and interests on the site. Google+ is also better honing its search so that users can more easily get the info they need on products and businesses right off Google+ without going to any 3rd party websites. So you may find yourself looking up where to go out to eat on social media this summer.

Too Much Business

At the end of last summer there was a minimal amount of businesses posting on Facebook. Currently there is almost as much business related posts and paid advertising on Facebook, as there are actual posts. The amount of business pages on social media is getting out of hand to a point where it is almost blocking out the content of the actual users. This increase in business related activity has led to social media users less frequently looking at their Facebook and moving on to less cluttered smaller sites. So don’t expect a lot of great activity on your Facebook this summer, it may be time to try out something new.

Decreased Social Picture Sharing

This will not be the summer of seeing all of everyone’s beach pictures all over your Facebook newsfeed. Many people have moved away from the concept of taking tons of pictures and posting them all on one social site. This method of picture sharing has been so popular for so long on social but it is now coming to an end. Social media users are now only putting the “Best of the Best” images on their Facebook and Instagram. All the crazy candid photos that social media has been known to host are making there way to more direct picture sharing mediums such as Snap Chat.

By: Erik

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